Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Weekend Wrap-Up

I have a lot to tell you. I have been quite busy lately.

I really cannot remember what I did Friday! It is that serious!!

I went to Artscape. Artscape is a 3 day art & music festival here in Baltimore. The plan was to meet Cnel and we hang out. Well, I get downtown and it starts to rain. I had no umbrella so I made it to a light rail station and took cover under the hood there. Cnel told me he couldnt make it. So my female friend (who will be called K for now on) calls me up. I tell her I am stuck in the rain. She gets in touch with our friend David(whom I have know since 6th grade) and gets him to come get me. Thats what I am talking about!! A down a$$ female!!! She did not have to do that, but she took care of Daddy!! So my friend David comes and gets me. Guess what?? She was there with him.

We all go to David's house. Me, K (my female friend), Richard (David brother), and David are just chilling. We then go to Cafe Zen. This restaurant is decent. The food is good, the service was decent, and the prices are not bad. It is a small Asian cuisine spot on York Rd and Belvedere. If you come to Baltimore, I may take you there! So we had a great time. The rain cleared up and Me, K, and Richard went to Artscape to see Common perform. Common's performance was hot!!! I mean dude had me all hyped!! There were some fine women at Artscape too. But me and K just were hugged up. Common brought some chick on stage and was dancing. He even played some old skool joints! It was just great!! David scooped all of us up and drove us home.

I did what I normally did, lounge around the house. My mom had some goood food and my god brother came over. Then my homeboys Ty and Ron came over. We were tripping for a good minute. I hadnt seen Ron in almost a years so I was definitely happy to see him. We had a good ole time.

Since I am unemployed, everyday has the possibility of feeling like a weekend. Me and K went out. It was our first date. We went down to the Aquarium. I revealed my inner nerd to her. I stated all these facts about the fish and all. I even "blushed" Now I am dark as all get out. So blushing for me consists of me smiling very hard and not being able to look anyone in the eye. I got all shy. I normally dont do that. After the aquarium, we went to eat. Then we got on the paddle boats down at the harbor. We just talked and all while we were on the boats. Then we walked around the Harbor and watched these trapeze school practicing. Overall, it was nice. I definitely enjoyed K's company. We are definitely gonna hang out again.

Friday, July 21, 2006

A Desire Within

As those of you who read my blog may know, I an amateur boxer. That picture on the side, thats me at my fight.

Right now I am watching the show, The Contender. I must say that I love it. For those of you who do not know, the Contender is a boxing show. There are sixteen dudes who compete for $500,000 and some other prize that I cannot remember. It comes on ESPN.

This show has stoked a fire in me. It definitely has. I am a very competitive person. I can turn even the simplest thing into a competition. I also do not take losing well; but thats for a whole 'nother entry. This dude named Norberto Bravo on The Contender just motivated me. I am dead serious. This guy fights as if he has everything to lose. Then listening to his corner talk to him during the fight made me feel as if I rule the world.

I always said that win or lose, after my first fight I would quit boxing. I said it was only a one time thing. Well, I lost my first fight. I knew that night I had to fight again. I have to. I cannot go out without having a win. My competitive side just wont let me. I think about that first win everyday. After watching that show, I cannot sleep. Its 2 am and all I can think about is boxing. Monday (well Tuesday because I have a date on Monday), the road to becoming a champion begins!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Listening to: Jagged Edge - Walked Outta Heaven

Homegirl from the last post had to cancel our outing for tomorrow. Something came up. I guess we have to try again.

DAMNIT!!!! I MISS HER!!! I really do. I miss talking to her until I almost fall asleep on the phone. I miss the softness of her voice telling me to go to sleep because she knows I am tired. I miss her laugh. I miss her tears. I miss laying next to me. I miss kissing her in the rain. I miss pinching her ass. I miss how she gave me "the look" whenever I took an "extra step" when it came to being a lil too blunt. I miss hearing her say "I love you". I miss her flirting with me. I miss her winks. I miss her laying in my bed. I miss her hair and them sexy long legs. I miss our signals when it was time. I miss cussing out her roommates when they got outta line. I miss all of that yet I am trying to hang out with some other female. I got issues.

I think I did walk outta heaven. At least I can admit it.

Monday, July 17, 2006

What A Way To Begin The Morning

I wake up to the cats pulling my doo-rag off and scratching me all over my head and playing in my locks at 6 in the morning. Is this some sort of karmic retribution for some event I do not know about???

Other than the battle with my animals in the wee hours of the morning, my day is fine. I have yet to eat breakfast (its 1pm) but it is going well so far. I feel good so I just cannot complain.

I have a date on Wednesday. I guess you can call it a date. I dont know what it is. A female friend that I know for sure is attracted to me asked me to go to the movies with her. I said yes because being unemployed offers ample opportunities to go out. I hope it goes well. The young lady has a nice personality and she definitely looks good. But is it really a date?? Or are we just hanging out?? I dont know. Uggghhhh!! Stupid ass titles always have confused me.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

On This Thursday

Last night was great. I called her last nite. We talked about the situation. I believe that she is taking it better. She has a better understanding about what I feel. We even laughed and just had a plain ole convo.

Today was fun also. I was on the radio today. An organization that I used to be a board member of asked that I do this radio interview with someone else. It is on Towson University radio station. The Clear Reception show was the show that we were on. Check out the link on Tuesday to hear me!! But it went well. It was my first time in a radio station. Gave me insight into what I should possibly do when I start my radio show. Then I came home and went practicing my driving with my uncle. Which surprised me because he is a lil too nervous when I am driving. He was cool while I was driving. He remained calm.

Today was lovely. Just how I like it.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Get My Mind Right

I have been trying to stay busy in order to not think about my situation. Friday, my best friend Danny, his cousin, and his gf went out. First, me and Danny stopped at Morgan State in order to visit my best friend Landon. Me and Landon have been cool since 5th grade. We met Danny and another cat name Jimal in high school and we have all been friends since.

Back to the story.

Me, Danny, and his cousin go to Morgan and check on Landon. It was good to see Landon. The last time I saw him we were tryna to prevent some dude from his school from gettin his ass kicked by a bouncer at Hammerjacks. So we just were all in the parking lot talking. Landon is doing well. He has a woman and he is getting a 4.0. So his grind is at full speed. We leave Morgan. While going to get Danny's woman, we have a heart to heart about my situation. He understands where I am coming from. He feels the exact same way that I do in his relationship. He just didnt leave though. But he sympathizes. We scoop his woman and drive around. We hit the harbor and me and Danny start acting goofy. We saw his gf's friends. They were checking me out but I am damaged goods so I didnt even attempt to holler. We all kicked it and then they dropped me off at my house.

Today, I went to my mother's best friend's wedding. I left the house looking sharp as shit!! I was on my grown and sexy. The ceremony was nice. It started late ( when do weddings ever start on time) but it was a good ceremony. Made me want to have a wedding!!

The reception was the bomb. I was dancing my a$$ off!!!. I had the older women tryna holler and everything. My mother was hating though. She would pop up and be like, "Let me introduce you to my son. He still in college." DONT BE HATING!!! I danced with my mother at the reception and everyone thought it was cute! I dance with some "cousins" of mine. I was just everywhere. Some older woman grabbed my butt. I must have made her day when I danced with her. It was just a good ole time with some bomb food.

I called her when I got home and she kinda laid me out. She told me that I gave up and did not try and work things out. I can see where she is coming from. I told her my problem and he said lets break up. I kinda ran from her. But I feel like I can't deal with the issue if I am with her. But I am not even sure I made the right decision either. It is hard for me. I need advice

The situation boils down to this: I found a person I would like to spend the rest of my life with, I just dont want the rest of my life to start now.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Let's Cut The Bullshit

Lately I have been fronting as if everything is going perfectly fine. Well it is not.

I just did not want to admit what was going down. I felt that if I cannot admit it to myself, how can I admit it to my blogger fam. So I went on like nothing was wrong. Plus the male stubborness kicked in too.

So me and the girlfriend ended it last night. I can say that this was my fault. I have some real commitment issues. After being with one person for a while, I start to get that feeling that I need to leave. It always starts out small and then it continues to grow until I start becoming emotionally distant. I had to end it though. I could not keep doing this to her. It was just wrong.

So now I miss her like crazy. I have bumpin Toni Braxton "Another Sad Love Song". I just feel like doo doo without my other half.

Monday, July 03, 2006