Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My life has gotten quite boring lately. At work, my routine is exactly the same. Plan, teach, eat lunch, teach, go home. After I leave work, I go to the gym. I come back from the gym, cook dinner, watch CNN. I will talk to the gf for a while then go to sleep.

Is this what being an adult is all about? This blows. I need some excitement, some adventure. Where is an earthquake when you need one?!?! I need something to happen to break this monotony! It is killing me! Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Wonder Years

The past few weeks are starting to stress me. I am trying to find a job and it is requiring more patience than a little bit.

But I recently downloaded a series called "The Wonder Years". I am sure some of you are familiar with it. It is about a middle school-aged boy in suburbia during the late '60s. The main character's name is Kevin Arnold. He talks about everything from girls, to his family, to his fear of growing up.

I have realized that the show is legitimately the shiznit! I love it. During my lunch breaks I watch an episode or two. The show really captures the feeling of suburbia. How isolated it was from the rest of the nation. But the show also captures the awkwardness of being a middle school boy. It made me realize I was really an awkward kid. I had low self-esteem and I was timid. I had no control over my body. I would randomly trip and fall. I was definitely not athletic and girls definitely did not like me.

But I would like to think I turned out pretty well.

PS: I just saw Lorenz Tate on an epsiode!!! He was soooooooooooooo young!! No one told me he was on the Wonder Years!!!