Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sunday Morning Wonderings

  • I soooooooooooooo should have studied journalism and political science. Every time I watch Fareed Zakaria's GPS show, I am engrossed. I sit there with envy wanting to do that kind of work; political analysis. I love this. I could watch this all day. I wish my job required that I watch and analyze this kind of stuff. I would be the happiest man on Earth.

  • One of my new favorite shows is American Pickers. I do not know why but that show is definitely interesting. I will say one thing: you would not catch me in some of the areas they go to find stuff. Way too rural for me. Some of those folks do not look to kindly to Black folk like me.

  • THESE ALLERGIES ARE KILLING ME SON! No amount of medicine is helping me.

  • No comment on work. Call me or email me to discuss that one.

  • One of these days I am just going to pack my stuff and travel. And I am going to be broke as hell while doing it. It seems like so much fun and so many people I know have done it and made it work. I think I could too.