Saturday, August 22, 2009

Music of My Life Part 1

Some friends were posting on Facbook various videos that brought back memories for them. That made me think this morning about all the music and music artists that had a big importance in my life. This collection will seem weird but it all makes sense. Well, at least to me it does.

Jon B. - Cool Relax

This was the first R&B album I ever bought. I was in middle school and I thought dude was so smooth. I never knew white dudes could be smooth like that. Even my mother liked this cd. I used to use his lines to try and mack on the girl down the street. I used to try and be slick and whisper them in her ear. It might sound wack but at the time it seemed right. I would strol down the street and sit real close while on her steps. Then I would whisper in her ear:
"Girl it's alright baby
'Cause it's there in your eyes yeah
I can see that you want meBy the way that you smile
Are you still down for me"
Sadly, it was never too successful.

Donell Jones - Where I Wanna Be
This is another R&B album that affected my middle school mind. I used to be able to sing when I was in middle school. Adolescence had not twisted and warped my voice. I had a decent singing voice and I used to sing this album around the house. I just thought it was so tight. I would play it over and over. I w
ould sing the lead single "Where I Wanna Be" in the shower, in school, walking down
the street. I would sing it anywhere. Little did I know that "Where I Wanna Be" would be a song that would play when I broke up with "her". Ehhh... it happens. Also recently, I was bumping the song "Shorty" while driving:

"Its a quarter past 3
Girl whats it gonna be
Shorty got her eyes on me"

Spice Girls
These chicks had my middle school hormones jumping. My childhood Polish friend David and
I used to argue about which one we would marry. No matter what anyone would say, Scary and Baby Spice were my favorites, Scary being the sexiest. I cant explain it.

Weird Al
This dude is the truth! All my friends thought I was weird when I started listening to him in 6th grade. I found him hilarious and witty. I just loved the music. And if you really listen, he can actually rap. I takes skill to do a "Ridin' Dirty" remix. I used to bump his music wherever I went. I had Weird Al cds and tapes!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Michael Jackson

This is by a guy named J Smooth. He is a vlogger on youtube. I subscribe to his videos and watch them whenever he updates. He did something about Michael Jackson that I found touching. It is the most thoughtful summation of Michael Jackson's life I have heard.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Rambling Man

- I should probably start blogging a bit more often. I know I say it every time I blog but I feel that way. I just get lazy and some days dont feel like turning my computer on.

- I got accepted into an Americorps program called Public Allies. I will be working with a community oragnization called WPNPC. I would be doing community development dealing with issues such as ex-offender employment, bringing businesses into the community, and housing rehab. It should be quite interesting.

- Living with the gf has been an interesting experience. I have learned that every battle is not worth fighting. Before saying something I always think "Is this something that I will think about in the morning?" If the answer is no, I just hold my tongue. Sometimes it is just not that serious.

- Sometimes my mother gets on my nerves. I love her to death but I feel thats he sometimes complains because she knows it irks me. Thus, i often just ignore her.

- Friday night I went to a high school classmate's birthday party. The guy was a kid that many people kind of ignored. I always loved him. I found him funny and intelligent. His little bday bbq started off slow but as the night wore on (i.e. he consumed more alcohol) it became more enjoyable. I am glad I went. It was a good time.

- I miss some bloggers like Wise. She never blogs anymore. Her blog entries were nice! I need to call her anyway. I have not talked to her in a while.

- Those town hall health care mobs are a set up by the right wing. Instead of debating it intelligently, they use some disrespectful means to make people scared. This is why citizens need to do their homework. This includes all of you reading. Do some research! If you disagree witht he administration, do so with some intelligence and class. Dont go mobbing politicians. That is not hot in the streets these days.

- Football season cannot start soon enough. GO RAVENS! The bad thing is that my gf is a Browns fan. I promise that I will not start any fights. Maybe I can bring her to the light....