Monday, December 28, 2009

Black Women Unmarried

Here is my opinion after watching this:
(Disclaimer: I date interracially . I don't prefer other races of women, I just have no problem dating outside my race)

I don't really pity these women for several reasons. The first, we cannot help that there are overall fewer Black men than Black women. Unless one starts genetically selecting for more men to be around, women will always miss out on getting married.

Secondly, women are purposefully choosing to marry later; whether it is to pursue a career or other things. That is not a bad thing but when you choose to wait, you just not going to marry as early.

The 3rd reason is that I know these professional women have overlooked brothers because they have "standards". I know if a dude was not making as much, he got looked over most likely. If his job does not seem to have "high career growth", they probably were not going to stick around. I guess that is fine too. But what most corporate Black women fail to realize is that most brothers are not even entering corporate America. They are starting their own businesses or working in the non-profit world. These men may have jobs that are not going to lead to them being the "corporate captains" of America. So as soon as many women feel like a man is not being "man enough" by being the bread winner they check out. Not all women feel like this but I have met quite a few Black women who do.

Like I know these women would not like me. I got too many strikes. I date interracially. I work in the non-profit arena. I do not fit the idea of being a brother on the rise. So they miss out.

Tell me what you think.