Monday, January 25, 2010

A Shot Across The Bow

I want each of you who watches the above video to take a moment and ask yourself this question: Am I doing enough to make theworld around me better?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Learning and Living

Here is something I read from

I regret that in order to help the homeless, I have to listen to the paranoid shit that those rich church-goers throw at me.

I regret that I don't have the confidence to speak up and tell them that the homeless and the needy are not all alcoholic drug addicts bent on hurting children. The homeless and the needy saved my life. They conversed with me and made me feel needed. I hung on because of them. I regret that no one seems to see that the homeless and the needy are real people.

Well, you know what? I'm passionate about this, and I'm going to go against everyone's paranoid wishes. I'm going to converse, I'm going to get close. I'm going to do a photography series focusing on homelessness and poverty. I'm going to make those paranoid, dead-fish-handshake giving, stay-at-home mothers, rich church-goers realize that maybe, just maybe, the needy are people, too, and that they're nothing to be afraid of. I'm going to get my series into the community, and people will start to understand.

I know I've put a lot of hope into this. I'm only seventeen; a stupid teenager. What do I know about the way life works, right?

Bear with me. I will make a point, and it will be beautiful.

Female, 17 

I read this and felt moved beyond belief. It made me reassess a comment I made earlier on Facebook. Maybe there is hope for the future.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mass Transit Folk

I take public transportation to work I have made some observations. There are always the same characters! Here they go:

Jesus Freak
This is the person who gets on the bus and train and greets everyone with a "Good morning! Praise Jesus!". Then, they try and get everyone to sing some gospel song or recite some Bible verse. They come sit next to you and want to teach you the joys of the "good news" These people need to realize that at 8am in the morning, the only good news I want to hear is I am getting paid or getting off work. Thats it. No offense, but even God hates early mornings

Booty Girl
This is the girl who has a "Big Booty Judy"-type of butt. Her pants hardly fits. It look like it took 1/2 hour to get in them jeans. Most likely she is young, around 18 or a lil older. Every man on the bus or train is peeking at her panties (most likely thongs). Even though I know its wrong, I look. I sure do. It might be tasteless to have a booty sticking out, but a brother gets curious.

Leaning Tower of Crack

I am sure every city has one of these! The crackhead that leans so far over they can lick their own toes. They eyes  roll into the back of their head and they gone. This type of transit rider then will ask for a cigarette, knowing good and well they can't keep their head up, nonetheless a cigarette in their hand. They can be hilarious and bring joy to a morning commute.

The Entrpreneur
This is the man/woman who gets on the bus or trains and sells soap, socks and batteries. You know the type. In Baltimore, someone is always selling something on the bus I have seen these items for sale: soap, toothbrush, batteries, cd, dvds, vacuum cleaner, air freshener, water, soda, cigarettes, paint, and weave. The entrepreneur has the best deal you can find on everyday items!

She Got Kids!
This is the person who has 50 million kids. Now, it would not be a problem except the kids are hell to deal with. One kid is yelling and screaming while the other is crawling under the seats. A third is drawing on windows. The 4th child is talking to random folk. The kicker is then the mom starts wildin' out on the children, yelling and screaming delivering whippings like Bruce Lee with nunchucks. This is the most embarrising part...

Add types as you see fit