Monday, August 13, 2012

More Than One Love

So I have been Facebook snooping observing relationships recently. Particularly my siblings and some really close friends. Throw in some random Netflix (the cable ain't connected yet) and one idea keeps coming to mind: it is easy to be in love and love multiple people. And I mean in a romantic sense.

Now, lets clarify some things. One, I am not saying I am interested in a polyamorous relationship. Two, I am not saying this is an excise to cheat. Three, I am not recommending it for everyone.

However, after observing some folks and having some arguments discussions, I truly believe that a person can really and truly love multiple people. They may love them in completely difference ways to due to what those folks bring to the table, but love them nonetheless.

First of all, one person in no way, shape, or form, fulfills everything a person wants in a spouse. For every good thing we find in a person, there is something annoying about them. For every one need they fill, there is another that they don't fulfill. What every person does is weigh the good vs bad. And some others find that multiple people fulfill multiple niches. And to me, as long as everyone agrees that is fine.

Secondly, I do not believe there is a single type for each and every person. Using myself as an example, there are multiple types of women that work for me; not just a single one. So I can see loving different types of people.

Keeping it simple, watching folks go through the lost and confusion, I just see the problem being that our society assumes monogamy is the answer for love. In reality, it is just an option.