Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Niggers, Niggas, Niggaz

This makes me want to stop using the word.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jealousy Is A Color You Should Not Wear

Jealousy is not what is hot in the streets these days. But some people have not realized that.

I invited this chick Lauren out to th bar with me and a few friends. Lauren normally rarely goes out with people and I felt bad. So we all go out. This girl gets mad because I buy a drink for a friend who was celebrating her birthday. Lauren gets really pissy about it. Then Lauren keeps bringing up the fact that I dated her over her (This happened our freshman year and we are now seniors). That got annoying really quickly. Then she got upset that this Brazilian girl was talking to me and dancing with me.

She says, " You know I am prettier than her"

I gave her an odd look. I went back to macking on the Brazilian chick.

Later I am daancing with the birthday friend. No lie, we are getting down on the wall. Its very flirtatious but it means nothing. Lauren continues to stare and make faces.

I dance with Lauren and she starts questioning me, "Why cant you stop all these girls from flirting? Why do they like you? They need to leave you alone."

What sense does it make for her to get jealous when she has a man? This man who treats her better than other she has met. So we leave around 12:30 and head to my place to play Wii.

Wrong idea.

We get back and she continues to whine. I tell her to shut up and play. She starts going flip mode. She then screams that she is tired. I tell her she can sleep in the empty room. She tries to take residence in my bed.

Thats a no no. If not invited, you dont lay in my bed. Thats the rule. My bed. School pays for me to sleep there, not anyone else. So I go on my computer and hit up my friend Amanda. She was having some trouble. Lauren comes in,

"Who is this bitch?!?!?!? You trying to fuck her too??!?!"

Now I have not even tried to get at Lauren. But that was out of line. So I put her out. So she leaves. As I am on my way to visit Amanda, Lauren sees me from across the parking lot.

"So now you want some pussy from this other bitch because I would not give you none?!?!? Fuck you Gary!!!"

"No, fuck you Lauren. Thats why you made!!! You know I wont you stank pussy bitch!"

And I keep it moving. Jealousy is ugly. I mean Lauren was cool until she got jealousy. There is no reason for a supposed adult or whatever to act that way. If you feeling me, come correct. But she has a man so she does not need to worry about what I am doing. I am grown.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I finally have a Nintendo Wii!! I love it. I only have the Wii Sports game for now. I ordered some more and they are on the way. But seriously, if you do not have a Wii, get one. It has a fitness test on it. Trust me, you can get a little bit of a workout. Do Wii boxing with and friend and you will end up sweating. I am also going to get another controller so I can play with other people. Best believe that the Wii is what is hot in the streets right now.

I have also been playing Mario 64. I have been getting my video game on this week. I have some free time so I play a few games to chill. It just reminds me of my youth when I played Super Nintendo. Oh well.

Friday, January 11, 2008

News Break


I have reached a point in which I am tired of being told i should be afraid. When I look at many of the presidential candidates, (Guiliani, Clinton, Romney) all I hear is that I should be afraid. Do these idiots not realize that is what the terrorists want?? They want us to walk around afraid. That is what a terrorist does. He/she commits violent acts that inspire terror.

I refuse to be like that. If the attacks are going to happen. they will. All we can do is be prepared. We also have to realize that nothing we do will keep us 100% safe. It is just not feasible. So you have to realize that even after all the precautions there is still a chance of an attack. Just keep your head up and do not live in fear. As Katt Williams says:

"Control the shit you can control. Don't worry about the rest of it"


I love this election season. I am proud of Obama. He is definitely making a fight out of it. His message is a positive one. When I hear what he says, I feel as if there is a chance the world can get better. That is what really makes me like him. He knows that our country has issues. He nows that there are a lot of issues. Yet he makes it seem as if it is possible to find a solution to the problems. Other Democratic candidates do not have the optimism. I hope he wins. I am definitely excited. I have watched all the primaries so far.

Israel vs Palestine

Bush should have been took his monkey ass over there. Now he wants to wait until he is almost done to pretend to care. I guess he figured Iraq will not be done so he needs to try nation-building some where else. What a waste!!! I do hope that he succeeds however. Solving the Israeli-Palestinian problem is key. Fixing that problem helps in many ways
1. It requires a coalition of Arab nations. This means that they have a stake in maintaining peace in Palestine. This coalition can then be used to help with Iraq.
2. With statehood finally coming to being, this will help eliminate terrorism in Palestine. People have no reason to invest in the ideology when they have what they want.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Wanted: Psychiatrist For Hire

I need help. I need to talk to someone seriously. Here is why:

I live by myself. My roommate Ty decided he was taking the term off. So he will not be back until Spring Term. This means I am alone. Now most people would love living on their own. There is a peace that comes wit it. BUT I AM SOOOOOOO LONELY!! I am dead serious. I am used to there always being someone around. It got so bad that I did the Cupid Shuffle in my apartment BY MYSELF!! I need my roommate to get his ass back here. I am going loco. I have four tv's in the apartment and I keep two of them on at all times plus the music blaring. Thats done so that there is noise. It does not feel quite as lonely.

But other than that life has been great. Cnel and I went to the bar back in Baltimore and had a blast. We found a spot called Iguana Cantina. They had a $12 open bar night on Saturday. So we went. It was a little weird because I felt so old. Now I am only 21 but the people there looked like kids. I guess I am used to there being a lot of older people instead of only college kids. So i was a little awkward but a whole bunch of drinks later, it was great!! Me and Cnel at the bar. I am a little tipsy....

But I am back at school now trying to get my hustle on. So I am adjusting to the whole "actually doing work" business. I need to finish strong. I am a senior so I should pretend to be a good example to the youngins ahahahaha!! Just kidding. But I need to go. I got things to do.