Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Pimp With Morals

I should win an award for being the most honorable dude in the world. My homeboy Mason should give me a prize. Here is why:

First, me and Mason are friends. I was the guy he stayed with when he visited to decide to come to my school. Then when he got here, we hung out and I showed him the ropes. He is like my little brother. I try and help him out as much as possible.

Tonight, I went to my hunting ground aka Peccadilos (it was college nite and I was bored.). His ex grlfriend was there. We talk and chat for a minute. We start dancing. It was not out of the ordinary. All of a sudden, it got a lil hot. She was pushing up on me, I was pushing a lil on her. Our faces got kinda close, and I knew it had to stop. I cannot make out with my friend's ex. That is wrong. I may be single, but I got morals. I knew I could not do it. My roommate Kevin would prolly disagree. My future stepfather said two things dont live long: dogs that chase cars and men who mess with taken women. I am trying to live forever.

It was not easy to tell her no. I mean she had the puppies on her chest were calling me, booty was all up on me, and she has a cute face. I havent had the attention of a female in a while so I was feeling like Mos Def in "Miss Phat Booty": I GOTTA HAVE IT. At this moment I am going through "withdrawal" and I need a fix. I have a monkey on my back but I knew it would be wrong to allow her to get it off (pun intended). I just could not do it. Mason is a lucky dude, because I would be tearing that up from left to right. And she could have definitely found out tonite why they call me Chocolate Thunder!

The Random Thoughts of Sir Epsilonicus

- T.Cas, that is definitely a hard loss to take. My heart and prayers go out to you and her family. All I ask is that you do not quit blogging.
- Today is a good day
- Why am I still in love with her? Why do I still love her?? Why are my feelings for her still strong?
- "Miss B" needs to quit playing games and realize that I am a winner!
- I am actually enjoying my classes so far. My Anthropology Theory class is definitely stimulating my mind. I am loving it!!!
- My bathroom reading book is interesting too.
- I gotta pee
- My roommate Kevin said something hilarious: Women are like Pokemon, you gotta catch them all!
- I am still addicted to Facebook
- My poetry group DPS has been resurrected!!!!! Watch out for the return!!!
- There are too many cute girls in my Communications Theory class. How many can I holler at before they all find out??
- I am having an oatmeal craving right now.

Bye! Time for class!

Friday, November 24, 2006

When The Levees Broke

"When The Levees Broke", my heart broke

That is how I really felt after watching the special, "When The Levees Broke". I watched it and it seriously almost had me in tears. I have never felt that emotional over anything that I saw on television.

It hurts to see my people suffering like that. I am not from New Orleans but those are my people. We all live in this country together. It just hurst to see them still to this day struggling. There does not seem to be any plausible and working plan to help them. Just watching and seeing how much of New Orleans is just practically wiped out hurt my heart. I cant stand to see how our government has failed them. It just had me choked up.

This moved me to want to do more. I have made donations in oney, clothes, and food. But what else can I do?? Is there anything more? Can I make it better? I feel as if there something I have to do. I have to do. But I do not know what. I wish I could just make it all better for the, I wish I could just wave my hand and their lives be better. I really do.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Life And Times of Epsilonicus...

U know I love u when u loving me
Sometimes it's better when it's publicly
I'm not ashamed I don't care who sees
Just hugging & kissing our love exhibition all

We rendezvous out on the fire escape
I like to set up an alarm today
The love emergency don't make me wait
Just follow I'll lead u
I urgently need you

Let's go to the park
I wanna kiss u underneath the stars
Maybe we'll go too far
We just don't care
We just don't care
We just don't

John Legend - PDA (We Just Don't Care)

I am in a great mood. So I had to put the song that I am feeling right now. That new John Legend is the hotness. Go cop that disc (pun intended)!!!

You know I did pretty well on my finals. One class I got a C in but the rest I got Bs in. I did well considering the stress and turmoil in my life. That damn Field Methods class is holding me back!!!!

So after my finals, I got to club on Wednesday last week. I see her boyfriend there. This dude is eyeballing me. I guess i was looking especially good or something!! Lol. But seriously, he kept watching me all night. I was creeped out. But I know he did not want anything. I refuse to fight over women, especially if I am not with them. But there was this young lady I was going to holla at. But it kind of slipped my mind. I said I would get back to her but I forgot. Oh well, it happens

I got home Thursday night and I have been chilling with family ever sonce. I got to see the new James Bond movie. It is a good one. Its definitely different from all the other Bond movies but I liked it.

Today I actually chilled with my friend Ty. We reminisced and all. We talked about all the things we did in the spring of our youth. We used to DJ early in high school and all. It was good just to see him. We always end up having a good time shooting the breeze and all. We really do.

I am gonna leave you all with this: Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Prayer For Finals

I have finals now and here is a prayer Cnel sent me.


The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not flunk;

He keepeth me from lying down when I should be studying.

He leadeth me beside the water cooler for a study break.

He restoreth my faith in study guides.

He leads me to better study habits

For my grade's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of borderline grades,

I will not have a nervous breakdown For Thou art with me.

My prayers and my friends, they comfort me.

Thou givest me answers in moments of blankness;

Thou anointest my head with understanding.

My test paper runneth over with questions I recognize.

Surely passing grades and flying colors shall follow me.

All the days of my examination,

And I shall not have to dwell in this university forever,


I have only one more final to go!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Something I Want To Say

There is something I want to blog about. It is about her. But I feel as if I cant because I mention her too much. There is always something about us going on. I wish it would stop.

I wish she did not play in my mind all the fucking time!! She is still the first thing I thnk about when I wake up and the last before I go to sleep. I am always hoping that she is doing well. I am curious about how she is doing. There are times that I still want to call her just to say hello. I cannot stop staring at her whne we are in class. I purposely came late so that I could miss her presentation today. I just cant deal with it. Why can't I just erase her from my memory. It would be sooooooo much easier.

My heart strings are being pulled on. I found something out that made me angry. When I got the info, I immediately put the punching gloves in my bag. I went ot class and went staright to the gym from there. I decided against the heavy bag and lifted weights like it was no ones business. I just felt the hurt flow into the weights as I moved them. I just exhauseted myself until I could not think about her. Now that I am alone with my thoughts, she just sits and marinates in my mind. I just need to get rid of her; remove her from my head. But I cannot seem to. The memory of her now haunts me.

She is in a relationship with someone else...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Good Weekend, Good Times

This weekend was a good one.

Friday was good. I went to class and that was ok. I did not have to go to work but I still get paid so I am all smiles for that!! We had snow up here so I had a huge snowball fight with some people right outside of my building. I did that for a few hours and then went to this even that the school hosted. It was like a pampering night so I went. I first did yoga. I am officially a yoga fan. I felt relaxed, at ease, and all Zen and ish. If you ever get a chance, do a yoga class. That ish is good for you. Then I went and got a massage. The massage was surprisingly good. It was done by sports therapy students. At first I was a lil worried but it was all good. Then I went and got a manicure. My nails definitely needed to get clipped and I figured that since I can go here and get a cute girl to clip them for free, why not.

Saturday was even better. I played some tackle football in the snow and got my exercise on. I looked like Marshall Faulk in his prime out there.!! Hahahaha j/k. I was kinda lazy for the rest of the day. I went to dinner at Olive Garden with some friends because it was someone's bday. After that I threw a party at my place.

This party was off the hook. Having a stripper pole in my living room tends to bring the freak outta everyone. I had some girls over who definitely loved the pole. And then there were some who just loved me!!! I am just gonna leave it like this: I definitely did not miss the signals this weekend!! Hahahaha! Buts eriously, people were at my place until 5am. I had to force people to leave!! I need to have parties a lil more often if I am gonna get that kind of response!!

I did finish one dare: I have a picture of a girl I have a crush on (if that is what you wanna call it).

Here name is Vanessa. I met her my freshman year. She was in 2 of my classes that year. I have had a thing for her ever since I first saw her. She is Honduran. She is gorgeous. Nice figure and all of that. But more importanty, she has the most beautiful personality I have ever come across. She never talks bad about people. She is willing to do anything to help anyone. She smiles all the time. I would do anything for Vanessa. I hate to admit this, but I am totally smitten by her. I can't describe itI would do not even know how to describe it. I did beat someone up for her. This dude hit her in the face with a snowball after hse asked not to be hit by one. I popped him right on the spot. But for Vanessa, I have it for her bad. I cannot stop smiling for her when she comes around. I wish I could have her. The only thing is this: she has a man. I cannot be mad though. He treats her right so he deserves her. But if she ever becomes single...

Friday, November 03, 2006

My Past Few Days

Its been a good couple days.

Wednesday was decent. I went to my classes (Lab Methods and Professional Communications) and then to work. Work was ok. I like what I am doing so I cannot be mad. Then I went to dinner and my meetings for Diversity 101. After that, I broadcasted on the college radio station with my homegirl Mari. We were geeking as usual. On air we talked about smelling good and how that is important when trying to holla at someone you are attracted to. Then I came back and went out to the club.

Something happened at the club. I met these two females (they were friends) and I think they both were feeling me. Actually, I know they were. I am not gonna go into too much detail. Lets justs say their hands tend to wonder. But they are smuts though. All that happened before they even knew my name. If you wanna give it up, at least put up some slight resistence. Dont just grope me and give me a look and think I am just gonna come running. Girls like that are smutty and I avoid them the way a broke man avoids child support.

Thursday was ok. I did not partcipate in my Lab Methods lab. I think her noticed it and tried to bring it up. But I was a lil worn out from Wednesday nite. Plus seeing her is still a lil rough for me. I had Forensic Stats @ 6pm. I fell asleep for half of it. That class has its foot in my ass and its hurting. I have a C in it so far but I have been busting my a$$ for a B. I will hopefully get it.

So far, my Friday is good. My presentation went well and all for my Communications class. I did a presentation on Xbox and why people should buy one. I think that I did pretty well. I did not have work and so I finished writing this entry. Nothing to interesting but just letting you know what si going on.

Oh yeah: Party at my place Saturday!! We will see how it goes.