Friday, June 08, 2007

Dont Wanna Leave

'Cause I don't want to leave (Ooo girl)
But I gotta go right now
I'll be back to hold you down (I don't wanna)
I don't want to leave no
But girl I gotta go right now
But I'll be back before you know it
Trey Songz - Gotta Go

This is going to be my last post for 2 months. I am headed to Florence Texas for archaeological field school. What this means is that I do not have internet access. What I may do is have Cnel update my blog for me. We shall see. I am going to miss you all but check back for me on July 28th. I will definitely be blogging by then. Until then, take care

Monday, June 04, 2007

Our First Date

So yesterday evening, I had a date with a young lady. Here is how I met her.

Her name is "Grown". She is 22 and she has a job and her own place. She also has a daughter who is 4 I believe. I have known her for years. We used to be a part of a grantmaking organization here in Baltimore. I met her my freshman year of high scholl and I instantly had a crush. I really did. But I never really approached her. We were cool. Like we spoke and would talk before, during, and after meetings. We knew each other but we never became very close. We were cordial, friendly.

Fast forward.

She gave me her number I believe when I came home Spring Break. So even when I returned to school, she would text me every now and then. I basically heard from her more than I heard from K.

Fast forward

This is going to sound very retarded and childish. She posted some goofy MySpace bulletin and I filled it out and sent it to her. One of the questions asked "Have you ever had a crush on me?". I figured I might as well try to milk it for what it was worth. I said yeah and she messaged me back. So I called her and we talked about it. She said she was curious about me but she did not want to step to me. Why? Because of K.

But I still stepped up to her. We had been talking on the phone all week every night. I then suggested that we go out to dinner. I took her out to a place called Burke's. It is a small restaurant downtown. The food was great. Our convo was incredible. I was very nervous though. I went from dreaming of going out on a date with this girl to actually doing it. So I got all shy and everything. But we actually enjoyed ourselves.

Again our only problem is our friends. I have a friend who used to kind of see her. But he never took her out or anything. I know he had some feelings but basically bounced between Grown and some other women.

And Grown knows K. They are not friends but they know each other. And K has supposedly expressed some feelings. But she wont express them to me. K rarely calls me at school. She makes no effort to see me at home. I will hear from her the night before I leave for school saying she wish we could have hung out. She did not call me on mybirthday. K is not my girlfriend and she is not obligated or anything. But if you have feelings for people you do certain things. Those include calling at least more than once every 2 months, calling on holidays, spending time with the said person. I also do not know much about K. She is very secretive and closed off. So I find it hard to really trust her. Also, I dont want things to go further wit K. And when I am happy with the status quo, I dont move. So K is about to be replaced.

Grown is like the first established woman I have dated. I mean she has a child. She has her own place. She works a decent job. It is weird. Sometimes I worry about that. Like I am no way near as established as she is. I am still in college and everything. Everyone has their own path to follow.

Finally hitting it off with Grown has a down side. I am leaving for Florence Texas on Thursday. I should have done this earlier. Oh well. Sometimes it works like that