Monday, March 31, 2008

If I Ruled The Blogging World

If I ruled the blogging world....

... Blogger would never go out or act difficult

... My blog crush would admit her undying affection for me. Then I would have to turn her down because I have a girlfriend. Or convince her and the girlfriend why i should be allowed to have them both. At the same time. Living with me.

... I would put a 2 week moratorium on Jameil talking about food lol

... La would be enlisted to be my blogging memoirist. She can write her ass off.

... Wise would see me everytime I return to Baltimore.

... All the sexy bloggers would live near me hahahaha!!!

... I would blog more often.

... I would not be afraid to let my real world friends read my blog.

... I would actually tell the girlfriend I have a blog.

... Cnel and I would do a blog together.

... I could speak my blog entries into existence as if I was God. It would go something like this:
"And Epsilonicus says 'LET THERE BE A BLOG ENTRY'. And the blog entry came into being. And Epsilonicus saw that it was good".

... I would interview Barack Obama and put the interview on my blog.

... Since Hillary Clinton is coming to my school tomorrow, I would interview her and put it on the blog also.

... I would get paid millions of dollars to do this!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

News Addiction

I seriously have a news addiction. It is taking over my life. I read 3 newspapers daily. Then I read Yahoo news throughout the day. I read all day. Then I have the tv on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC (I watch Fox so I can be "fair and balanced"). I cannot help it. I cannot go 3 hours without watching the news. If I do, I get that crackhead twitch. I start feening for the news.

But seriously, I have to know what is going on in the world. I can't be without my information. It really is an essential part of my day.

I guess it could be worse. I could be addicted to sex, drugs, and hip-hop.

Oops. Too late on two of them.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Boring Day

I am ready to just chuck this computer. I have been trying to work on my senior thesis and it is not working. Every time I write, there always seems to be something else I need that I do not have. It is insane. I want to slap someone. Like I want to cover my hand in baby powder and slap someone.

My building has some very attractive young women. This normally is not a problem but they are flirtatious. One came in my apartment while I was asleep and kissed me on my neck. This resident has a boyfriend who I am cool with I cannot have that. I better lock my door when I sleep. But yeah, these girls are wild. They answer the door half naked. They just strip whenever I am around. But I am cool. I can resist lol.

I have been bumping "Royalty" by Gangstarr. I get that throwback vibe from it. I wonder exactly how old that song is. I have also been listening to "Victory" By Notorious B.I.G. featuring Puffy and Busta Rhymes. That song gets me hyped. It motivates me to do some homework.

The girlfriend left me here to go home for Easter. So I have just been chilling. The roommates are gone so I have been eating butt-naked Cheerios lol!!

Hahahaa I am just kidding.


But it is good to have the place to myself. I like the quiet. I need it for sure.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Celebrity Crushes

These are my biggest celebrity crushes of all time

I just love Toni Braxton. Short hair, long hair, it just did not matter. I used to have all of her albums. She was just was fine with that deep husky voice. The body of a goddess. She is sexy as all get out. Sadly, I would let a little bitchassness enter my soul if thats what it took to get a piece of Toni. I would drink her bath water, rub her feet. The things I could do to her now that I am legal...

Back to the topic on hand. I had her first album cover hanging on my wall for a long time. Plus she is from Maryland. I still tell people I am going to marry her. It would be good for her though. I am pretty good with money so I can get her taxes in order.

Sade has a voice from heaven and I was in love from the moment I first saw her. My attraction to Sade was not crazy sexual. I figured I would marry her, cook, clean, and treat her like a princess. I would be the best man she could ever even fathom to exist. Plus I want her to sing lullabies to me as I fall asleep. Or maybe while we are getting our freak on, she could sing "Sweetest Taboo". But I just felt like I would marry this woman and live happily ever after.

To keep it simple, Janet epitomizes sexy to me. I just get the feeling she is a freak and I am trying to find and explore her freakdom with her. I just think she is so sexy. I have had a crush since "Janet" album. That picture on that album cover was beautiful. Plus she could dance and all. She is fine up to today. Janet if you see this, lets explore our freakdom together lol.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


As a part of this Making of the Blog series I am participating in, I have to confess something I have never told anyone about. This should be interesting.

I have robbed people.

What I mean by that is I have ran up one someone and took their money. I have done this twice. It happened during high school I think. The situation at home was dire. There was no money what so ever. Thus, twice me and a friend went downtown and robbed someone. I would only pick White males. I could not rob females because of my mom. Women remind me too much of my mother. I would not do people of color. I tried to justify my actions by only robbing White men. I was only successful once. I was not good at all. People ran too fast.

One night I was down at the Eutaw Street subway stop near Lexington Market in downtown Baltimore. A friend and I saw this guy walking down the street alone. We started to follow him. After two blocks, we told him to come hear. He got scared and ran.

We chased this guy for 5 blocks. He got loose on us. I just could not keep up. So he got away. I felt bad after that time and I never did it again. I really learned that I have too much of a conscience to lead a life of crime. I am just not built for it. Even to this day, I regret doing that. Never again have I even considered that course of action.

I am not built to be a criminal. So I took my ass to college.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Facebook Maturity

One of my residents complained to me today, over Facebook.

My best friend brings her dog over pretty frequently. The rule on campus is that one should not have a dog that lives with you. But my friend will come and stay the weekend, thus the dog sometimes does too. Well, one of the girls across the hall sent me a Facebook. She said that it was not fair that I have a dog. Even though someone else owns it, the dog is here all he time.

So I go across the hall to approach her. I figure mature people talk face-to-face. So when I politely ask her to repeat her complaint, she said she had none. I asked her about the message, she basically avoided it.

If we are suppose to be growing into fully mature human beings, we should be able to state when we have a complaint. No one should only want to argue over the Internet. I refuse to answer that Facebook message. We live across the hall from each other. She should be able to come and talk to me. I am not rude (at least I try not to be). I will NOT let someone Internet harass me however. So she better woman up and talk face-to-face.

PS: I have deleted yesterday's blog entry. I re-read it this morning and found it to be highly immature. It was not something becoming a grown man. If this deletion poses a problem to you, you can email me and we can have a discussion about it.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

School Time Grind

Im in my final trimester of my senior year now. This means I am busting my ass with six classes this term. I am stressed as all get-out. I have to finish everything and I do not know if I can do that. I am going to try my best though. I really am. These classes are killing me. At least 2 are independent study types. I just have to produce a show for the school tv station. It should not be that bad at all. My one show is a political commentary show. That should be an interesting experience. One commentator is a Libertarian, the other is a Republican. This dynamic should create some interesting political conversation.

This Erie weather is crazy. We have gotten almost two feet this weekend. I feel like I am trapped in Siberia. I could not even go out because of all the snow. So I stayed in Friday night. Then it continured to snow all day and night Saturday. I died a little on the inside. Lol. But I stayed in too. I just did not have the emotional fortitude to brave all that snow ahahaha. Here are some pictures.