Monday, February 26, 2007

Break Time

I have been home on Spring Break since Friday. It feels good to be back.

I just needed to get away from it all. For about the past two months at school, I have not been feeling like myself. My mood has been different. I have felt very grumpy and moody. I have been more reclusive. My patience is thinning with people. I find that I am isolating myself from others. All I want to do is sleep. I just do not feel like myself. I know something is wrong. This is not normal. No one can tell me otherwise. I will do some investigating when I return to school. I just know.

I really dont have much to say. I have been taking it easy. Anyway. When I have something to say, I will let you all know.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Things You Do Not Know About Me

I was tagged by Brooklyn Diva to do this. Here we go

1. I am very selfish and arrogant
The main reason I attend the college I am at is because I will be the first Black male to have graduate from my department. Once I heard that, I knew I would end up here. I knew I would get in a history book so I had to do it. Its the opportunity of a lifetime.

I wake up in the morning thinking I am sexy. I will tell you I am one of the best humans to ever live. I think I have it like that. I believe there is nothing I cannot do. I have a Knaye West complex

2. I have addictive tendencies

I pick up bad habits easily. Just small ones. I quit biting my nails now to always cleaning them. Once I drop one little habit, I pick up another one.

3. I struggle to express my emotions

Past girlfriends have complained about this a lot. Especially the one I broke up with right after I got to college. They have said that I do not express my emotions alot. They want me to be more expressive. I can agree with that. I kind of do not express my emotions. I feel sad but I do not express it. I feel angry and I don't express it. I guess I need to express my emotions more. They say it is detrimental to not be expressive. I do not know.

4. I am an introvert

Some of you may laugh, (esp Cnel) but I am an introvert. I am very selective of my friends. I do not reveal much about myself to people. I still get nervous in crowds. But I love my alone time. I really do. I get annoyed with people (especially women) very easily. It just works like that. Sometimes I hate people. I mean that seriously.

5. I hold grudges

I never forget when you do me wrong. I may forgive but I never forget. I will always remember, even if forced to live as long as God himself

6. I have a special definition of the difference between confidence and arrogance

Confidence - I am the best
Arrogant - I am better than you
You see the difference???

I am going to tag: Hassan, Missy, So Wise,

Friday, February 09, 2007

Da Weekend Flava!!

I cannot keep living like this!! My weekend was live!!!

My really good friend had her recital that night. She is the first African-American to gaduate from our music department here. So her recital was called " I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings". It was beautiful. She invited me to do a poem by Paul Lawrence Dumbar. Here are some pics
Savanity and her lil brother

Yours truly

After the recital, me and Mouse went to my place with another friend and watched a movie. Mouse ended up staying until 4am again (she is making a habit of it). I still have not outright asked her if she is feeling me. I need to do that very soon.

I did speed dating that night. It was fun. I met a few young ladies. Some were really feeling me. I have to check my mailbox to see if they sent me their info. I did get a phone call that night. She called me about an hour after speed dating. Shorty somehow got my cell number. They have not even mailed out the info yet but she got my cell number. I looked her up on and she is cute. I will definitely keep in touch.

Sarah (this Asian chick I just met Wednesday who has been blowing me up) called me and wanted me to come over. I went over to her place and chilled at her party. The party then moved to my place. Some of my residents came over and we danced the night away. I ended up kissing this chick named Brandy. I worked with her last year. She is cute but I never thought there would be something between us. I did not go to sleep until 6am

I did a whole bunch of homework and watched the Grammys. I was disappointed with the John Legend/John Mayer/ Corinne Bailey Rae performance. That was a dud performance. Sarah then called me and asked if she could come over. We ended up watching Blow with Johnny Depp. I love that movie. She left at 2am. That girl must be feeling me. She makes sure I hear from her.

I hav a feeling that all these women are going to get me in trouble. I need to slow my life down. I am glad break is coming up soon.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I love this video. I found it at Rocka.Candy. It is a video done to Robin Thicke's "Lost Without You" The video is definitely good (not because of all the bodies but it was shot artistically). I hope that you all enjoy it.

Break Time

Now I should be at class right now. My class is at 11. Its is 11:10 and I walked outside, felt how cold it is and decided against going. I just do not feel like going to class. I am exhausted. I cannot sleep for some reason. Plus I just did not feel like walking to class. Can someone get me a Hover-Round?

It is cold here in Erie, PA. How cold you may ask? It is 10 degrees with winds at 21mph. That means you feel it in your bones. I walked from my apartment to the cafeteria, a 3 minute walk, and my joints started stiffening as if I had arthritis. I went to class on Monday and it was -5 degrees. It is colder here than in Alaska.

Now with all that said, my fellow bloggers should make donations. Send me soup, ramen, or anything that I can fix inside my place. Blankets, heaters, gloves, hats (make sure the hats are large. I have locs) are also appreciated. Cash can also be sent!!! Email me for my address!! Hahaha!!

Let me go shower and do some work since I decided to play hooky

Monday, February 05, 2007

A World Of Girls

I've kissed the most exotic face
From London to Honolu
Made love in the most romantic places
What more can one man do

Livin' in a world of girls
It's like swimmin' in a sea of pearls
Taste like caviar
Watching shooting stars
Like silk to the touch
Diamonds in a rush

Joe - World of Girls

Anyone who knows me knows that I love women. I love them. I love the way they walk. I love the way they talk. I love their little mannerisms, their temper tantrums. I love how they take care of themselves. I enjoy their company. It was only recently in my life that I had more male best friends than female best friends. I just love the company of women.

My love for women transcends color. Yes, I, a Black man dates outside the race. I have no problem admitting it. I do not have a preference based on color. There are too many gorgeous women of various hues for me to discriminate.

Do I have a preference? No. I do not have a preference. Actually, I think I do. Let me explain:

I say I do not have a preference but I do see a pattern now that I look. I have had romantic encounters with Asian, White, and Black females. I grew up in a mixed neighborhood so it happens. I have been to mixed chools (elementary), all Black (middle school), mostly white (high school and college). So I have been exposed. But I do have an unconscious preference: Black women. I say that because those are the type of females I have had the most romantic encounters with. Its that simple. I do not know if it is exactly a preference or is it just a pattern.

I do keep my options open though. My longest relationship was with a White female. So I do not discriminate. I do not choose one female over the other because of color. I look for their physical attractiveness and their personalities. I just do not factor color in whether I am attractied. I do look at color when it comes to how their families will feel. Color just does not matter when it comes to attractiveness. Thats my opinion. For me, I cannot say that I love all people if I cannot allow myself to fall in love with all people. You catch my drift??

I know some Black women will have a problem with this. Some may not even date me. I know this is true. But if a woman is going to exclude me because I interracially date, then she is not right for me. I just do not see a problem with interracially dating. It does not make me any less "Black" because of it. I miss out on some beautiful people (physically and personality-wise). I have learned a lot about myself because of it. I have learned a lot dating Black females but I have also learned a lot dating outside my race. All in all, I will never stop dating outside my race. I will not start preferring one type of woman over another because of skin color. That's just not me. Plus, I am living in a world of girls.