Friday, July 27, 2007

Guess Who Is Back??

Guess who's bizack?
Back on the block with the old Face Mob
Mack Mittens and Hov'
Don't make me relapse
Back to the block with the fo'
Cuz this street shit is all I know

Scarface feat. Jay Z & Beanie Sigel - Guess Who's Back

I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! Well, almost. I am at school right now. I will be in Baltimore later on this fine evening. after 127 insect bites and some in uncomfortable places, calloused hands, sore muscles, shredded sanity, and a tan (I am so dark I look like Akon. I like this complexion on me) that I am alive and well.

If you have been blind or not paying attention, I have been in Florence Texas. I was at Field School working on my archaeology skills. There were two sites that my school was working on, Gault and Whitehead 1. Gault was a Paleo-Indian site and Whitehead 1 is a ranch from the 1870s. I worked at Whitehead 1.

Lets just say Texas was an adventure.

Florence was in the middle of no where. I really mean it. The town had a population of 1054 people. The town was like 4 blocks. There were no street lights. Anything that could possibly remind you of a city was gone. Plus there were very few Black faces and I was scared outta my mind.

There should be a law against the conditions we were in. Physically they were ok. I mean we used Port-A-Potties and solar showers. We had air conditioned trailers. It could have been worse. But mentally, that trip was cruel and unusual punishment. I ended up spending practically 24 hours a day with these people. That's hell. 24 hours!!!!! What were they thinking!!! Add to the fire that you could not leave as you please and you were asking for insanity to occur. I went flipmode on a few people. I started feeling slightly paranoid. I had no rpivacy. I could not even use the toilet in peace without people bothering me. I only had privacy in my dreams. And when your dreams start being invaded by these people, a doctor is in high demand.

I loved the work. Being in the field was fun. The work is laborious but fufilling. I like it. But the people are a piece of work. I would have enjoyed field school if I could come and go as I pleased. No one could use the vehicles but the TA's. Plus we were so far out that we could not walk anywhere. Plus the TA's did not want to drive us anywhere. So we all got cabin fever and wanted to kill people. I never needed a drink so bad in my life.

Here is what I learned in field school:
1. Women are not always right but they always win the argument.
2. If you hold your nose you cannot smell the sulphur in the water.
3. I can lay down and still excavate.
4. If you want a van full of women to leave you alone, scratch your "junk" in front of them.
5. Tying your wet cellphoe to the AC vent will not dry it out.
5. Dont drink the water if your farts smell better than it.
6. How to take 3 minute showers
7. Black is scary yet beautiful

I will say that my trip was a character building experience. Being one of 4 males in a group of 19 females will do that to you. But there were good times too. Like our dance contest or.... I cant remember anymore lol. I mean the times I enjoyed were just the one on one sessions I had talking to certain people. There were not many fun times I had as a group. Oh well. Sometimes it works like that. But I am glad to be back in civilization. I really am.