Friday, April 28, 2006

Be Grateful

I have noticed that the people around me are not grateful. And this is one reason why I will be glad to see my family when I go home for my aunt's funeral.

I see the people I spend a lot of time with constantly complaining. "I don't have a lot of money" or " I wish I looked like this" or "School is sooooo difficult". I hate to hear these things. It seems as if no one looks at all that they have and considers themselves blessed. The have all of their needs taken care of. They are not wanting for food, water, clothes, shelter. They are going to a decent school and getting a good education. Their health is great. They have friends and family that truly loves them. Family life is going well. Why complain???

This came up last nite when someone was complaining about school . This person tends to do really well. They always study hard and get good grades. This person was complaining about why school is so hard. This would have been normal except that I have heard this same song over and over again. In my head I wanted to say, " I am going through the exact same thing as you are!! Shut up!" I did not say it because I was too sleepy to. How can you comlain when your GPA is great??

Here is my advice: look at your life and try to see the positive. Be greatful for all that you have in your life. It is definitely worth it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Its Our Anniversary

Me and my boo.

Friday was me and the gf's anniversary!! Congrats to us!!! My roommate Kevin was the ultimate gentleman and decided to play chauffer for us. I will be forever greatful. We decided that we would do something fun. First we went to Applebees. Our waitress looked like the female version of my roomie Blair. Not a good thing at all. The food was great.

Then we went to laser tag. Instead of trying to be all romantic, we decided to do something very very fun. It turned out great. We were running around with a bunch of smaller kids shooting people!! What a stress relief!! I worked up a sweat. I had the highest score in 2 games. I looked like Rambro out there shooting people and doing all types of ducks, rolls, and dodges. I would make Wesley Snipes look bad!!! Lol!!! Our team won all four games. The we went back and just chilled and did the romantic part of the evening. Just me, the gf, candles, and some music.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Last Nite At The Club

I have two friends who graduated from my college back here visiting. I figured that we should go out and enjoy ourselves so go out and hit this spot up called Peccadilos.

The night was interesting.

I danced with only four females the whole night. The first of which was a little cutie who tried to holler. She did it with some class so I felt a little flattered. It is nice to know I am still sexy lol!!!!! Then I danced with this other chick. She was a bit on the thicker side. I am not hating on the size but her skills on the floor. She just did not have it. Then I danced with this Hispanic girl. She was a disappointment because she had a whooooooooole lot of junk but was not working it *shakes head in shame*. I danced with another girl who could actually dance.

Now back to the big girl.

She was on some ho-type shit. She was tryna kiss me after she let some other dude grope her. I told her no, I have a woman who looks waaaaaaaaay better than you. She still kept trying. So I go to back up off her then this other dude who was feeling her up came over. He was mad because he thought I was scaming on his squirrel. It was not even like that. He pissed with her and questioning her and ish. He calls 6 of his boys over. They eye me up as I walk away. They looking for me. So I bounce. I refuse to fight over a female I don't even want. I have never even been in a figh over a female in my life. I am not even going to start now. So then I see this chick as I am leaving. She all embarassed. I don't care. I am not single and she ugly anyway. Let her get felt up by an ugly dude. Sounds like a personal problem.

Monday, April 17, 2006


I want some chicken and dumplings.

I do not know how many of you have had chicken and dumplings. I am craving some. I had eaten some at Cracker Barrel yesterday and I was surprised that they were actually good!! I was craving them and decided to get them. Now I am still craving them. I need them. It is 11pm and I want some chicken and dumplings. Mommy get me some!!!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Dumbing It Down

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I know it is sad that I am writing an entry 1 am Sunday when I should be out partying it up.

All my life I have always had to dumb it down for people. 1st grade I was not allowed to write in cursive. The rest of elementary school I had to use smaller words so the other kids can understand. Middle school was the only time I could bask in my intelligence. High school my intelligence flew under the radar until the awards ceremony when my gpa was announced. My mother always nutured it. I had a subscription to National Geographic at 8 years old. She always gave me books to read. I still nurture it. I know a shitload of random facts. I do well in school. I have read the Bible in its entirety twice. I am currently reading a translation of the Koran. I do research for fun. All in all, I am a nerd. Yet outside of my family and close circle of friends, my intelligence has always provoked some sort of fear or jealousy (as if I am trying to use it to rule the world).

It has done this again.

Me and the gf have gotten into an argument about it. She feels that I am always flexing my "brainpower". It started when we were watching 10 Commandments. She told me she did not know the entire story of Moses. I said I was surprised. She spazzed. She talks about how I always make her feel like she is stupid. She gave a couple of examples. One was when I told her parents what happened to me in elementary school. She feels I show off my intelligence too much. To me it seems as if she gets upset whenever I celebrate how well I do. Even when I do not put others down it still seems to piss her off.

I really do not know what to do. Should I dumb it down for her?? Should I ignore it?? I think this arguement came up because she had a bad day. I don't think we would have had this arguement if she was in a decent mood. But now I feel as if I cannot say anything about what I know. What should I do???

Thursday, April 13, 2006

All By Myself

My roommates have gone home for the Easter Break. This means I have the apartment all to my self!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah baby!!! Wild parties and all that good ish!! Sike lol! This means that it will be peaceful and quiet. I cannot wait!! It may seem lonely and all but I like the silence. It is relaxing and it provides me the time and place to meditate and think.

Me and the gf are arguing. She is mad that I was a little cranky while being sick. I was very sick earlier this week. It is not necessary to tell all the symptoms but I felt like I was going to die. I even missed that midterm (which I took today). I had asked her about the midterm. She got all upset asking me why am I trying to cheat. I did not want to know questions, just tell what was and was not covered. So I got upset at her accusing me of cheating. I just said I wont ask about it, figuring that the convo is over. Obviously not because now she is saying she does not like the attitude I carry. She claims that I carry the "i dont give a fuck" attitude. I disagree. Oh well, you cant always agree on everything.

But I am glad I got this apartment *now I start to sing* "All to myself!!!!!"

Monday, April 10, 2006

My Lovely Wekend

My weekend was great. Here is the recap:

I got the RA position!! I am very excited. This means that I can cut back on the loans and even start paying some of them off. I called my mother and she was happy. Now all my friends want to be in my building!! Hahahahaha!! I do not find out my assignment until May though. But I am happy to have the job.

I also had a prospective student stay the night on Friday. His name is Sean and he was from Syracuse NY. He was a quiet lil guy. My roomies took him to this Battle of the Bands thing at Penn State Behrend. Then I took him to a 90s hip hop party. He had a good time there. I got some girls to dance with him. These girls gave hime the most seductive dance ever. He had this big ass grin on his face!! It was funny. Then this girl approached me. Here is the convo:

Girl: (while we are dancing) Hi! My name is Christina. What is yours??
Me: (confused) My name is Gary. How are you??
Christina: I am good.
Me: Are you a perspective student?
Christina: Yes
Me: Where are you from??
Christina: I am from Rochester. What are you doing tonite?
Me: I am going back to my place. I do have a girlfriend.
Christina: You won't next fall.

So I was shocked as shit!! She had some nerve!! This is what she had going against her:
1. She was young. 3. She had the body of a 13 year old boy
2. I have a girlfriend 4. She stepped to me on some Ho-type shit
So I shrugged it of and took my live in back to my place. He met some females b/c my roommate (the one from the previous post) had some friends over. I convinced one of them to give the prospective student a lap dance (I might not be single but I still got it ;). He left me note saying he had the time of his life. I am glad that I provided him a good time.

This was quiet. I went grocery shopping with my girlfriend. We just watched movies with my roomies.

This was my gf's roommate birthday. So we took her Jamaican a$$ out with all her Jamaican friends. These girls are a trip!!! They were asking about are they eating cat rat or dog. I tried not to laugh but it was hard. It was a great time. I t was this little hole in the wall restaurant that had decent food. I cannot tell about the rest of the day. That's a lil personal ;)!!

It decent. I missed one class because I overslept. I have a midterm in it Wednesday but I am doing well enough. I went to work to make up an hour. I spent that hour eating lunch!!! I ate dinner and then went to boxing. I am out of shape!!! My coach made fun of my pouch. I have a lil belly that developed after my fight. I have not really kept myself up. I figure my gf think im sexy so it does not really matter. But when I saw my gut, I felt a little embarrased. So I have created a little regiment to help myself. Also, i plan on getting under 16o pounds for my next fight. I want to fight in the 152 weight class. I got a nice little ways to go.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

This Life

Sunday I found out my aunt has cancer.

My mother had told me that I am the last to know. She did not know all the info so she waited to tell me. Plus, I am my aunt's favorite relative and they did not know how to tell me. When I heard it at first, I was fine. It hit me hard but I kept it together.

Then the nite came.

I cried when I had time to think about it. My aunt's prognosis is that the cancer is advanced. It has spread throughout her body. She is paralyzed right now because she has it on her spine and her brain. They do not know how long she has.

I cried because I just don't want to go through this again. I lost another aunt in 2003 to cancer. I am close to all of my aunts and uncle but these two I am closest to. I lost one that I was really close to but I dont want to lose another. I am also upset because it makes me realize that I am about to lose a lot fo family members that I am so used to having around. I have uncles, aunts, and cousins in thier 40s and 50s. They could get sick and I could lose them. The frailty of mortality has hit me hard. It is really eating at me.

At first I was not going to write about it. I was going to pretend that everything is going perfectly. Then I realized that I can't just lie. I cannot hide how I am feeling. Im not built to lie.

So I am going to call my aunt every week. Every single week I will call. I am going to cherish the time she has left. Maybe a miracle can happen. Remember, there is hope in the unseen.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sex and The Roommate

I normally do not like to put people on blast, but this is important.

Last nite my roommate was having sex right above me. I am on the bottom bunk and he is on the top bunk. I normally sleep hard as a rock. Nothing can wake me up. But since I hurt my back Thursday while boxing, my sleep has been a little restless. So I wake up in the middle of the nite to this sound:

Roommate: You like that
Female nite visitor: *little moan*

So my roommate is "whispering sweet nothings" in her ear. He is tell her all the things he believes a woman wants to hear. Here is the kicker.

She bet that he could not last more than 15 minutes. So they got to having sex. I am on the bottom praying his bed does not break and fall on me. Maintenance has not been here to replace on of the broken planks that holds his bed up. So I decided to move it into the middle. I hear that plank cracking a little more.... then a little more. Meanwhile, I hear my roomie doin all this moaning. He is moanin like a male cat in heat. The female night visitor is not making a sound. You hear some wet slepping and rhythmic movement. This all lasts for about 10 minutes.

So now my roomie is trying to convince the female night visitor to stay overnight. She wants to leave and I do not blame her. So my roommate tries and spit all this game to her. Meanwhile I am squirming around to let them know, "Hey, I am awake down here!!!" Idk how much movement I gotta do to realize this. So my roomie is being arrogant talking about how he can do this and that and make homegirl feel this. She calls him out on his 15 minutes and I laugh. They shook it off becasue Shawn believes that I talk in my sleep. I think she already had enough (or didnt have enough). So he is doing all he can to get her to stay. She ends up leaving.

I learned something today. My roomie may have game but his mattress ability is not on par.

Thank God I moved the beam. Imagine them falling on me.