Monday, May 28, 2007

Since I Have Been Home

I have been home since Monday and I have loved it.


I have been home since the 21st and I am loving it. I have been relaxing and taking it easy. A friend of mine graduated from Morgan State and threw a party. This young man showed up and had a ball. I loved it. I also been doing a lil bit to make some cash. Just some speaking things that line my pockets. But I have been taking it easy.

I have been holding out on you all. I met this girl that shall be called henceforth "D". I met her a week before I left for school. We met at a really good friend of mine's party. I came with a young lady and all. That lady friend and I went on a few dates and all but then we kind of did not talk. Nothing bad but school got hectic. Plus she told me she was kind of seeing someone. So she finally decides to make hanging out with me a priority. So I take her to the this party.

We get to the party and I am introduced to D. We instantly start flirting, She kind of checked out my lady friend, tryna make sure that she wasnt my girl and all. After that though she had my attention. She flirts and have to flirt back. So I get the number before I leave (*singing to myself* You know what it feels like, the game so pimp tight). I figure that I will prolly not see D again. It is a week before I leave.

Well D is putting in some work!! She made sure she saw me 3 out of the 5 days before I left. Not only that, she took care of a kid. She works as a cook at Olive Garden. And I was moving out. So I did not have much food in the refrigerator, So she brought me food. Since I been home, we have talked every night. We texted each other throughout the day. I am feeling her. She is a cool chick. I am taking it slow. I mean my summer is hectic as all hell. I am going to be gone from June 7th to July 28th. So I aint rushing a damn thing.

I have field school from June 7th to July 28th. I have to do this in order to graduate. Field school is where we actually work on an archaeological site. It is a class. I really am nervous. The site is in Florence, Texas. It is a small town. I have never spent so much time in the South. So I am not even going to pretend I am not nervous. Plus, her is going to be there. That should be an experience. Everyone has bets that we will sleep together. I am definitely going to try and avoid that. No drama is wanted over here. It is going to be hard because she is going to be the best looking thing there. Just say no... Just say no...

You how when you have a convicted sex offender move into your area they pass out flyers letting you know they are in your neighborhood?? My little brother grabbed the flyer and went looking for the guy. He walked the street for like an hour looking for the guy just because the flyer said if you find the guy with a kid 12 and under call the police. Now my lil bro is 15 and he is stocky, but he need to quit.

Oh yeah. I have On Demand at my house. I love it!!! You can watch music videos whenever you want!! They need to get this at college

Friday, May 25, 2007

I've Been Tagged

The Rules.... You are to write six revealing, strange/quirky things about yourself. Then tag 6 other people. This should be fun.

1. I eat the food on plate weird. I first taste everything. Then eat one thing at a time.

2. I constantly clean my fingernails. Not cut them, but clean them. I just can't help it.

3. Whenever I enter my mom's house or my apartment, I open the refrigerator. I even do it randomly. I am not hungry, I just do it.

4. I am right-handed but I hold my ink pen like a lefty

5. Every few months I rotate where I sleep in my bed. For example, I slept with my head towards the window first few months of school. Then I moved to my head facing the door.

6. I have to check the news at least 5 times a day. I am addicted.

I tag Cnel, 'Nefty, Wise (I know u hate being tagged), Jameil, Bk Diva, Rashan

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Junior Year of College in Review

Here is my junior year of college in review:

-the big blow up with her
-RA training
-my invisible Air Force Ones!!
-I got a stripper pole on my birthday!!
-I enjoyed my time at the Pennsylvania Black Conference on Higher Education in October
-Going to Pitt Titusville with my girl Jess. Big ups to her!!
-Trips home chilling with my Blue Monster Crew!!
-My epiphany with "When The Levees Broke"
-Me tryna holler at the 24 year old RA on my staff and failing miserably hahahaha
- Going to a party thrown by someone in major and that girl getting me drunk and tryna keep me at her place
-Going through Black people withdrawal
-Giving my residents lap dances as birthday gifts
-My ever revolving female situation.
-The big blowup in the rain with her
Savannity's recital
- The bitter, bitter, Erie cold
-Trying to get the radio station up
-Caribbean Nite at my place
- The parties at my place nearly every weekend
-My wild and crazy Easter break
-My little brother came and visited
-Virginia Tech (bow head in remembrance)
-Her and I talking again
-Me being hurt by her
-Moving out my apartment
-A new young lady (I have not blogged about her yet)

Anything I left out???

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Letter To Myself

Dear Eps,

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU DUDE?!?!?!?!? You are off the hook. Seriously, you have been on the wild side for the past trimester. You party every weekend. Every. You may not necessarily drink but you always throwing a party. You stay up late all the time. Sleep is not something you do often. You are deranged.

You have had "relations" with some of your residents. You made out with one. The one which has a boyfriend. I know you do not care. I know it is not your problem. But you know she is going through some emotions about it. I mean she stays in your face all the time but still. Just say no. Just say no. The other lost her virginity to you. And you just had to oblige her. Again, she may have started but you could not say no. These actions can destroy friendships. You are being so selfish. You aint really thinking about no one else. Get it together! Get it together!

You have also isolated one of your roommates. You know has some issues that he will not discuss. You know he is not at that point in his life where he can just man up and bring issues up to you. Your ass should have just walked up and said something. Instead, you just ignore him. You may say hi and all but you just dont worry about his needs. Selfish man, selfish.

You would not be so wild if you listened to me. I mean I tell what is good for you, not what feels good. There is a reason you should avoid doing stuff with your residents. You should not isolate your roommate. Dude, you are changing, you really are. Just think, do you like those changes?? Do those you love like those changes??

Now to her. You know her has some hang ups. She was on some straight jealous when she heard that you and a resident hooked up. I really do not know why you even talk to her. She tries to play games and but you still talk to her. I know you love her. It is hard not to love her. But leave her be. Her has hurt you. She really did. But you keep her around. This chick is a like a drug. That high feels good but you know that coming off it is gonna be a bitch. Just be careful. As much of a player you think you are, you are still capable of being hurt.

At least your grades have not suffered. You did well. So there are no complaints. But take a look at your life. We dont need to go down certain roads. We really dont


Your Conscience

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dance Appreciation

Here is part of my Dance Appreciation Final. I choose and choreographed this part. I thought it went well. The song was Gnarls Barkley's "Transformers". I hope you like it. It is my first ever dance class and definitley the first time I choreographed anything.

My section for dance appreciation

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Best Friend of Mine

As some of you may well know CNel, a fellow blogger, is my best friend. We have known each other since 5ht grade. That means that we have been friends for 10 years. I love him like a brother. He is a brother. Whenever something goes down, I talk to him. I need advice, I talk to him. Need money, I talk to him. I need someone to just listen, I talk to him. Plain and simple, he is one of the greatest people I know. I really admire him. He is a man for others.

This is going to be our first summer apart and that bothers me. I am serious. This guy has always been around and I guess I take it for granted. He is going to Illinois for the summer and he leaves next Saturday. I have some feelings about that. I am happy that he has this internship. It will provide him an opportunity to do some things he has never done. But at the same time, I want him close. Especially because I am going to Texas for part of the summer. I was hoping to see him before I leave. But now I will not have the opportunity to see him. I will not see him until Thanksgiving. I am going to miss my best friend; my brother.

I also feel like that I should not feel this way because I am an adult. I should be used to this. College seperated me from a lot of people. But with him I was always able to stay in touch. I was able to catch him Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring break, and the summer. I got used to that pattern and now it is being broken. I definitely aint feeling that.

(us our freshman year of college)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bounce Back

Have you ever woken up (is that a word??) and thought that you were invincible?? Like there is nothing that can stop you?

I had that today. My first thought today was " I am IT!! No one can tell me otherwise". My chest was just a little extra puffed out and everything. I literally woke up with that thought and it dictated my day. Nothing could hold me back. The rain could not stop me. My behind schedule senior thesis proposal couldn't. Nothing could. It felt good to wake up like that. It also helped that I had a positive encounter with a young lady yesterday. I might tell about that one. I will see.

Today is a good day to be Epsilonicus. It sure is.