Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Blues

I am a little stressed right now. This fall term is starting wrap up. What this means is that all of my classes are starting to put a crunch on me. Professors are throwing down tons of work. It just does not seem to be enough time to do it all. Oh well, its the name of the college game.

I cannot wait to return to Baltimore. I miss my family and friends from home. I just really want to see them. Plus, I miss the city. I love it. Its busy and full of hustle and bustle. Its too quiet here in Erie. Life moves a little too slow for me. its just too small. Plus I cannot wait to see Cnel and go out for drinks with him! Thanksgiving break here I come!!

I keep making my lady situation more complicated. I just keep adding more of them. I just cannot help it. When I am in a relationship, its all good. But being single its different. I see a pretty girl, I add her to the flock. Now I know I should not complain because there are plenty of guys who do not have any women who like them. Yet I know that too many women can make life complicated. Trying to balance and spend equal time with them all is hard. Its hard out here for a pimp lol.

Im done for now. I just wanted to update you all

Monday, October 22, 2007


I had this dream last night that freaked me out.

This dream was in the 3rd person. It was about a guy who was in the Army. He was stationed some where in Africa.The part of Africa seemed to have a lot of Arabs and Black Africans. This city was pretty diverse. It seemed as if there was a war going on. This soldier seemed to be pretty high up. Like he still actually fought but he was well respected. Yet he was unhappy. He wanted to switch and be in the Navy. He decides to not join the Navy. He then calls his wife. He talks to his child and heads out into the city.

One day while out he was ambushed in a city. This soldier was kidnapped and tortured. There was so many details about the torture yet I will spare you. He ends up dying. But then all of a sudden the dream switches. The soldier calls up his superior and decided he wants to join the Navy. His higher up was not happy and an argument ensues. The soldiers ends up leaving and joining the Navy. The dream ends with him on the ship reading a book.

What the heal does it mean.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Where I Am At

I am seriously loving life. It just does not get any better. I have been in a great mood and I cannot explain it.

Classes are going reasonably well. I did well on my History paper. I still need to see the results of the midterm. I got an A on my Video Production midterm and a B+ on the commercial for that class. I still have not gotten my grade for my North American Prehistory midterm.

My relationship with my friends is going well. I love my crew. No matter what, I know they are always going to be there for me. There is a small issue, or maybe not so small. My friend Nick I think likes her. I at least know for sure that her likes Nick. He just denies it all. I know he is telling the truth but I know she has some feelings. I know it. I can sense it deep. I see how she is around him. My thing is that she is grimey. I gave my blessing in order to keep things god between me and him. If he ends up loving her, I refuse to be the one stopping that. I just want someone to be open with me. Plus I just dont think her should be trying to holler at one o f my boys. She got mad at me for a similar situation in which her former roommate tried to get at me. Whatever. Like I said, thats my buddy and I wont let nothing and no one get in the way.

Things are good with the lady friend. All is good on that front

I did call and wish my brother happy birthday. He was not there so I left a message. That little punk has been dodging me. Ima kill that little punk. Plus he asked for 16 one dollar bills talking about they are for the girls who drop it. He just turned 16. What does he know about that?

Oh yeah, I am doing this interview thing where you readers get to interview me. This means email me six questions and I will post answers. Ask away!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


After last night, I have realized that I am searching for something:


I had to have a talk my my lady friend last. I told her that I need some more stable, more permanent. That things cannot stay the way they are. She has been basically getting all the benefits of a girlfriend without actually being one. So we discussed things last night and I told her I am not rushing her but I am not waiting forvever.

I guess this need for stability has been getting to me now since I am a senior. I am currently looking for work now. I am thinking about my career choices. I am preparing for my future. Thus I have been cementing my relationships. I have been anchoring them for the long run. People I know who are bad with I do not associate with. I cut them out. My circle of people I associate with has gotten smaller. I try to surround myself with people I know support and love me no matter what. There is no half stepping. You are either down or not. I have also been trying to improve my relationships with others too. I am trying to be a better friend.

But I guess what I want is stability. I want people who will be around for a long time. I guess I have started that search last night.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Now That I Am Grown...

I like being 21. I am serious. This thing we call turning 21 is amazing. Here is what I did

Monday, Oct 1st

This was the day of my bday. So what did I do? I went to the bar. There is this spot called the Cornerstone. It is the Mercyhurst College bar. This place has all kinds of memorabilia from my school there. Thus it is only appropriate that your first legal drink is taken there. So me and the crew go here around 10pm.

It was a great night at first. It was $1 dollar shot night so they shots were flowing and everything was all good. I ended up singing Ray Charles karaoke (everyone knows I love Ray!!). I was loving it. It got to the point where this 48 year old woman was on my heels. I let the game flow real pimp-tight. (Ok this is where I start to really feel myself lol) I was telling her everything she wanted to hear. She was telling me what I want to hear...

But I got a little too drunk. After 16 shots I was sloppy. I ended up being carried into my building because I got so drunk. I threw up and then went to sleep. I woke up the next day still drunk and nausea. It was bad.

Wednesday Oct 3

I go out and hit up Peccadilos. I did not get drunk but had a great time. I love their vodka and cranberry juice drink. Its lovely. Thats my all time favorite and I love it. I danced the night away with the crew and just enjoyed myself

Thursday, Oct. 4th

The roomies and I had a few drinks. Just something simple

Friday, Oct. 5th

I made my triumphant return to the Cornerstone. I had a few drinks with some friends of mine. I then just went around campus and visited some friends, had some more drinks. It was a good night overall.

Saturday, Oct 6th

The final day of Epsi-Palooza. A few friends and I hooked up some Jello-shots. Those tasted pretty good. Then we went to a few parties. I did my thing. Some of my friends got a little drunk and I took care of them. I just had fun.

I love being grown. This is fun

Monday, October 01, 2007

If Its Ya Birthday, MAKE SOME NOISE

Guess what:

It is my birthday make some noise!!!!
I am now legal baby!!! The big 21!! I am celebrating sll week. I am going to the bar tonight, strip club Friday, and doing a bar crawl Saturday. So you may not hear from me this week because I may not be coherent enough lol!! But I love you all and see you all next week. You want to celebrate with me, call me!!!