Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall Formal

Now that I have some time, I have finally gotten around to posting pics about the Fall Formal, which was Friday. I started kind of rough. I was in a bad mood and feeling kind of homesick (weird for a college senior). But I was able to suck it up. I had a whole lot of fun. I hope you all see that in the pics. Plus I look fly. Go ahead and admit it. I was rocking the suit with some red stripes, a pink shirt with a red tie. Sounds crazy bit looked good!!!

Me and Ty

Me and my date

The fellas
Me and the date again

With some of my residents

Getting down on the dance floor. Its hot so some clothes come off
Some of the people from my RA staff. North Briggs Staff!!

You see that?? I won the award for best dressed male!!!!! *Outkast music kicks in* "Aint nobody dope as me. Im just so fresh and so "FRESH AND SO CLEAN CLEAN!!!"

Petey Pablo's "Raise Up" came on and the shirt came off. At leat my deodorant is clear! Im not doing the LL!!

At the end of the night.She is rocking the glasses. I know she loves my style!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good Space

I am in a good space and here is why:

I am doing reasonably well. I like most of my classes. My history professor is a character. I have to work hard in his class but he is an interesting lecturer. You can actually see that he loves his subject matter. My Prehistory class is going well too. I missed a class but I am not far behind. My video production class is fun. I am doing a cologne commercial for one of my projects. It is coming along pretty well.

I have been hitting the gym every other day. This body of mine is getting right!! I gotta get these muscles for the ladies!!! But seriously, I am feeling more fit everyday. I like this. My only complaint is that my flag football team sucks. They put in no effort at all. I got so pissed yesterday that I almost quit. They just stand around and complain.

Other Stuff
I am going to the Fall Formal this Friday! I promise to take a lot of pictures. I am taking my lady friend. I actually asked her. She said yes. So I guess we are going. But I know we will have fun, I am going to guarantee it.

Living wit my roommates is cool. We hang out a decent amount. We may not be best of friends but we get along. Our apartment stays clean. I never have to complain about anything. Its all good here.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Letter To Osama

Osama bin Ladin,

You have failed to stop my way of life. Yes, you have made me think and re-evaluate all that I hold dear. Yet, you have not stopped me. You can't stop me. You can blow buildings. You can poison food. You can continue to send tapes that threatening to destroy my way of life.

But you have failed to realize that you cannot stop me. Can't stop, won't stop. So no matter what you do, I will continue to go to class. I will tell my mom I love her. I will go to work. I will travel. I will live. Because the hate you feel can never hurt me enough to make me change. You do not hold power over me. You never have and you never will

Life Lesson

I have made a realization recently. It kind of just hit me.

I normally chase women who talk shit. What I mean by that is that the women I chase tend to have to outwardly display their supposed confidence. They have a sassy attitude. They always have a sarcastic retort to something I say. They always have to challenge me, question me. There always has to be some kind of tug-of-war. Most women I chase seem to always need to put their confidence on display.

But what I have realized is that those women have to stunt for everyone are not confident. They have the worst self-image issues ever. What I thought was confidence was really a cry for attention. The need to be sarcastic and witty is not confidence. It shows that you must always put someone or something down in order to feel good. Sarcasm is not confidence. If you feel good about yourself, there is never a need to rub it in. It just shows in your actions.

I guess i realized this because right now I am seeing a young woman who is not loud with her "confidence". She has a quiet self-assurance that I appreciate. She is never abrasive. She does not have to always be sarcastic or witty. She just carries herself with a dignity that is calm, quiet yet present. I like this. I am not going back.

Maybe next time I blog I will tell you a little bit about the young lady, epsecially since she has me cooking. We all know I dont do no cooking ;)