Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Interview

I just got in from my RA interview. I believe it went well. They asked some very difficult questions. I hope that I answered them well. One question I am worried about: Tell me about a time that you have lied.

I was nervous. I told them about the time I lied to a professor about doing my community service when I did not. The professor had asked me about it and I said that I was finished. I went to go and write up the paperwork for it and i just could not do it. I really had a decent relationship with this professor and I could not ruin it. So I admitted to the professor that I lied. This professor was disappointed but she understood. I even had her write my recommendation for the RA position.

I felt that I had to be open because I thought maybe that professor put that in my recommendation. Plus I had to tell them about a serious lie, not just a lil white lie. They were looking for something thats hwos my character. I hope that my answer demonstrates my growth.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


These past few days have been crazy. I worked on my Field Methods prject for about 10 hours this weekend. Then I performed at this Battle of the Bands thing between sets. I did spoken word poetry. Plus I studied for a test and a quiz I have this week. So my weekend was booked.

Then this week so far has been insae. My group had to do a mad rush in order to finish my Field Methods project. Now I have a test and quiz to study for. I have another big assisgnment due Friday for Field Methods. Plus, my RA interview is this Thursday (they moved it from last Thursday. Oops I forgot to tell you all). Also, I need to start working out again because I may have a boxing match coming up in May. So much to do, so little time to do it.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Mohawked Kid Saved Me

The title may seemed crazy but it is true.

I was asked earlier this week to do some spoken word poetry at this concert here at school. They needed someone to perform between acts at this "Battle of the Bands"-type thing. I almost said no because I do not thin these people will like it. Oh well. I ended up saying yes because I love doing poetry.

Thursday night, me and this kid Curtis were chilling. I was at this meeting to tell me what I needed to do for the concert. For a while we were not needed so we were sitting in the back room playin gon this little Casio and other music making toy. He was making random beats on it. Then he suggested that I do a freestyle poem over the beats.

I was a little surprised because Curtis is the punk-type of cat. He has this bright red mohawk that sits about 5 inches off his head. I know him because he is a freshman in my major that works in the same lab as me. Nice kid but really does not seem to be the spken word type. He keeps making me try. So for 2 hours we sat there just having me freestyling poetry, putting random lines together and seeing what works. He has gotten me out of my creative rut. I have been creatively dead with my writing for about 4 months; I have not written a poem in that long. So it felt good to be able to write. It really did. I thought I would not write another poem ever. Ever.

So a kid with a mowhawk has saved me. He really did.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Let Me Update You!!

I promise that I will try and update more often. Seriously, I will try.

This week has been a little hectic. I have presentatiob tonite that I am still working on. I know that I should have started a little earlier but I can never be on time for anything. My presentation is on spoken word poetry: the history, the make-up, its affect on pop culture. It is gonna turn out to be tight though. I have done my research and all so it will be good.

Work yesterday was just work: I hate it. They have us doing stuff that is not even closely related to archaeology. We be filing, moving heavy a$$ objecyts, sweeping floors. Plus I have to work on Tuesdays from 8am-11am, have one lab from 12pm-3:20 which usually runs over, then have another lab from 5-8pm. And I hate getting up at 8am!!!!

My Field Methods class is insane!!!!! This class is suppose to teach me how to literally excavate an archaeology site, just to give a heads up. Our lab has us outside. Now anyone who is familiar with Erie, PA knows what that means this time of year. IT IS FREEZING!!! My group was out their for so long we could not feel our hands. I was pissed. There is a reason why there is a "field season": so people do not have to torture themselves in the cold!! I guess my lab instructor does not comprehend that. Next time, I am bundling up for Antartica so I can stay warm. Why did I choose this major again?!?!?!?!? After my lab yesterday, I was sooooo tired that I was nodding off in my historic geology class. I felt sooooooooo bad for the professor because I really like him and his class. He is kind of nerdy but is a really good person. So I apologized to him after class. He understood after I told him which class I was coming from.

I also have my RA interview for tomorrow. I am excited!!! It would be great if I could get this. It would help me cut back on my student loans. Plus, once my mother's job starts paying for my tuition, I will practically be earning money for going to school!!! But back to my point. I really want this RA (resident assistant if you need any help) job. It is a job that is not beyond my scope of abilities and all. Plus I already know many of the people on the staff so I know I will get along with my coworkers. Its the perfect job for me: I can display my leadership abilities and all plus like the actual job and the people I work with! Perfection!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Where is Maxwell???

Maxwell Posted by Picasa

Where is Maxwell??? I have not heard any news about Maxwell in a few years. I do not know why this dude has taken such a long hiatus. His music is great. It is very relaxing. Plus, it functions well as mood music ;)!!!

What made me think of this?? I was listening to my friend Cnel's radio station (check out his blog). He played a Maxwell song and it brought back some memories. I remember when I first saw Maxwell. It was on MTV Unplugged. I thought he had the coolest hairstyle ever. So I remember trying to grow out my lil 'fro and make it puff up like Maxwell's. Lol!!! The things we do when we are young.

But seriously, Maxwell has made some great music. Some of my favorites are:
'Til the Cops Come Knockin'
Whenever, Wherever, Whatever
Luxury: Cococure
Each Hour Each Second Each Minute Each Day: Of My Life
This Woman's Work

Maxwell, if you read this, make another album SOON!! R&B needs you

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Acoustic Usher

Here is an acoustic version of Usher's "Yeah". This is hilarious. This dude actually did a decent job

Usher's "Yeah"

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Let me update you all

This day was insane. The girlfriend and I went down to DC and did the educated thang. Me and the girlfriend rode the Marc train from Baltimore to DC. Then we braved the DC metro system and went We went to the Holocaust Museum. I would recommend anyone to go to this museum. It was intense but it really drove home the experience of all those persecuted during the Holocaust. The museum also inspired hope; that never again will this happen. After that we went to the museum of natural science. It was interesting, especially because we knew alll of the scientific explanations for the history of life on Earth from our paleoanthropology class. So we did the nerdy thing and came home.

Once I got home, hurricane Gina hit. This is the ex from the Pre-Valentines' day drama. She had dropped off all the stuff that reminds her of me. I was gone so I did not get to see her and I am sooooooooo glad I was out. Hone girl left pics, love letters I wrote, prom memorabilia, and some other shit. Everything had a number on it. She even sent me a remote control car that was suppose to be my Christmas gift. Then she left a letter. The letter said that she no longer loves me (bullshit). Home girl even attacked my character. My ex said that I am the type of person she hopes she does not turn out to be. She better hope she turn out like me: successfeul and sexy!! Lol j/k.

BUT, I was surprised. I definitely was not expecting this. And then my girlfriend was pissed. I mean really pissed. Some of the pics were of me kissig the ex. I think she was even more upset when I told I her I do not think I can throw the pics away. I have two things I refuse to throw away: pictures and books. I was always raised not to do that so when I attempt to, I feel guilty. My girlfriend was a little heated and she wanted to go Detroit on the ex's ass. Then we got into it. After a lot of disagreeing, I comforted her. I told her this:

Forget those pictures. Those are pictures of the past, of what used to be. That will never happen again. No matter what the ex does, I aint going back. I love you. I want to be with you. If I wanted to be with her, I would. I wanted someone else, I would be with them. But I am with you because I am happy here.

So that settled everything.

I went up to my old middle school and spoke. Returning to St. Ignatius brought back a lot of memories, especially because I saw sooooo many pictures of me there. They had pictures of me in Cuba, playing lacrosse, and just straight looking like I was a little boy. I spoke about how I keep in touch with more people from middle school than high school. I said it is important that they understand that they are brothers. No matter where they go, they will always have other St. Ignatius boys to support them. I hope that I inspired them.

I went and saw my friend Cne;. Everything is going fine with him. Not perfectly but they are getting better. My girlfriend enjoyed being around him. She found him highly intelligent. I am glad the two got along. We just kind of cruised downtown Baltimore for a while and then we went out to dinner.

Dinner at Moe's was the bomb!!! Moe's is a seafood restaurant. It is a lil expesinve but the food is the best. I had this crab and shripm dish which was good. My uncle Mike and my cousin Cece joined me, the gf, my mother and her fiancee. It was great quality family time.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I Don't Know

I do not know what to write. So much is happening, I have decided to let you all decide what I should write about. Here are your choices:

1. The elite Blacks having turned their backs on the poor
2. My trip to DC today
3. Hurricane ex girlfriend has arrived.

Let me know.