Thursday, March 29, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

Here We Go

This weekend was a whole lot of fun

I had a Caribbean Party at my place. It was a whole lot of fun. I had the soca, reggae, dancehall blasting. My Jamaican friends came over. Nick from the BVI came through. Sherette from Trini even came over. Even the Hondurans showed up. Here are some pics

I cannot wait to do it again!!!!

I went to the dollar theater and saw Stomp The Yard. I liked it. The dance sequences were tight. The plot was kind of cliche but it was definitely the hotness. Then I hung out all night. I got into a lil situation with a female but other than that it was a good night.

HOMEWORK HOMEWORK HOMEWORK. College just needs to realize I have a social life.

Friday, March 23, 2007

No KY Jelly

I just got out of this meeting and I will explain why.

I am the vice president of the Radio Club. This means I take a lot of heat when things go wrong. Our station is shitty. There is no other way to describe it. It is super super bootleg. Like we use rotary phone dials for our volume.

Well, this is the first year there is a student radio station. Never on my campus has there been one. And my colleagues and I have never ever ever ever ran a radio station so we are winging this. But we have had a shitload of problems.
1. Our one advisor, Bill, is being difficult. He gives us a hard way to go. He is not supportive. He does lil sneaky shit like telling the IT department to not give us a server. Then he blames it on IT. I am about to choke a bitch up in here.
2. Because of the above, our members are getting discouraged. We have very few listeners and our DJs are not happy at all. So we are starting to lose people. We still have around 15 people but that is lower than what we used to have.
3. Our signal is weak due to some FCC shit. This means that our whole campus does not even get the radio station. Our advisor is being a dick and is not even trying to assist so we can get FCC approved.

So basically, our advisor has been putting it in without any KY

So during this meeting with our advisor's boss, he did his little song and dance and had mesmerized his boss. He was talking that jive, that " I love and support you all through whatever you do" bullshit. His boss was real with us and told us about this initiative involving our campus and the other satellite campuses. So now we are going to our student government. We have no other choice. We need to make sure this initiative to get this hi-def radio stuff goes through otherwise we are screwed.

Monday, March 19, 2007

An Icebox Where My Apartment Used To Be

It is freezing in Erie PA right now!! I mean butter f*ucking cold!! The wind is blowing. I feel like I am in Siberia. Someone save me! Shouldn't it be warm now?? Can we stop getting snow?? Can I see the sunshine sometime soon. I am hating this ish.

I realy do not have much to say. I am well. My morning class was cancelled so I am happy. My 12:30 class got out early so today has been slow. Now I am eating oatmeal and I may go work out around 2:30. Until next time...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Let Me Tell You

This week has definitely been an interesting one

Monday: I missed my 9:30am class. The night before I went to a strip club and was exhausted when I woke up. I just could not get up. Then I went to my Dance Appreciation class. I love that class. I think it is because my professor. Solvieg has sooooooooo much positive energy. She makes you interested in dance. Afterwards I go to dinner with the Vybez Fam (that is what me, Nick, and my homegirl Mari call ourselves for our Caribbean radio show). Then at 8 I go to boxing practice. I come home, do some reading and thats it.

Tuesday: I go to my 10am Latin class. There is this girl in my class I cannot stand. I mean I wish I could just drop her on her face. She is just rude, no home training. She text messages all class long. She complains the entire time. She disrespects our professor. I just wish she would shut the fuck up. This girl even disrespects her boyfriend in front of our entire class. He just needs to grow a pair. I go back and go to sleep. I then do some reading and just mill around for the rest of the day. Oh yeah. I had work so I do that

Wednesday. I had my 9:30 class. This class is killing me. I cannot keep doing this but I have to. I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The link can give you more info. I try to combat this by taking classes later in the day. What this does is allow me more to time to actually feel awake. For example, when I had an 11am class I would wake up at 9. This gave me 2 hours to feel a bit more energetic. But this early class is not helping. Its as if no matter how early I go to sleep, I feel lethargic. It takes me longer to wake up than most people. So my doctor recommends that I take later classes to allow myself to wake up. The only problem is that I had to take this class and it is only offered at that time. So I am going to do well in this class no matter what. I may have to come up with a new strategy or something. I will figure it out.

But Wednesday night was interesting. I went to this club with a girl named Miranda. She is 22 and she was in a class of mine fall term. She is definitely attractive. I like her style. So went to this spot called Peccadilos for college night since I am not 21 yet. We dance and everything. Overall we enjoyed ourselves. There were several times she wanted me to kiss her but I did not. This was our first time out and I did not want to push it too far. We did have fun though. We may hang out tonight, depending on what these other women I am sort of seeing are up to. I have to balance and give them equal time.

Thursday: I struggled to get to my 10am class because I went out the night before. I tried my best to ignore te annoying chick in my Latin class. I dragged my ass to work. Then I went to dinner and boxing practice. I just chilled and did some reading fow a while. I went to grab a bite to eat and met this girl named Caitlin. She is a freshman but she looks good. She also has a boyfriend. But we played pool and I showed her how to shoot properly. There was some flirting and all going on. One of my residents who was there noticed. She may come over this weekend. She told me to call her. I sure will.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Hanging out with my friend Nick who is from the British Virgin Islands is really turning me Carribbean. I am serious. All I have listened to this weekend is soca amd reggae. I have been Hot Wuk-ing my ass all across campus. I have downloaded tons of songs. Soon I am about to be speaking in dialect.

Gal whine let me come behind yuh
Eh me make she feel alright
Coulda dance all night if yuh want ohh
till a mornin light
love how you feel infront a me so gal
let me hold you tight

Collie Buddz - Mamcita

I wish Erie had a Carribbean spot. I would definitely be up in that camp slow winding with a fine young lady. Oh yeah!!! I may be going to Carnival in the summer. I am going to the celebration in Toronto with my homegirl Mari!! If everything goes right I am going. I cannot wait. Ya boy is going to go and find him a wifey!!! Hahahahahaha!! But after field school I may go. Cross your fingers and pray!!!!

Girl I wanna wrap you wanna lock you in my arms an
Brown skin
Woman I love the vibes I love the spice I love the passion you bring
Brown skin jus a wanna wrap you wanna lock you in my arms and
Aye brown skin
Woman I love the vibes I love the spice I love the passion you bring

Richie Spice - Brown Skin

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Outta My System

If you love something, let it go,
and if it comes back then that's how you know.
I got to the stop light then I made four rights.
Now I'm back where I started,
and you're back in my life.
The further I go, the closer I get back to you.
I say I moved on,
Til' I'm reminded of you.
Can somebody help me?
Help me get out of this circle
Marques Houston - Circle

Im too attached
My heart won't let me fall back
I got it bad
Thats what you can call that (ah)
And when I see you on the streets
Thats the worst for me
Use to love the little things you did
Thats what works for me
Its too major
Dont see you in my pager
Know What you doing?
Where you at?
Or Can I see you later?
The fellas telling me
Just let her go Bow
Believe me Im trying man
I just dont know how

Bow Wow - Outta My System

I miss her!!! I really do. This week has been rough on that account. I woke up craving her next to me. I want her to kiss me. I crave her touch. I desire her conversation. Like Usher said, I got it bad. All I have been doing is listening to love songs. Its weird. I am hanging out with with other girls and I still think about her. I mean, I like the two girls and I ma interested in seeing where it goes but I still think about her. I just cannot help it. I find myself wanting to call her. I want to know if she feels the way I do. I miss her. Like Raheem DeVaughn said:

I need you like I need you. And IIIIIIII wanna love you like I want to. Baby I love you, I love you, i love you baaaaaaby!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Story

Me:(As my hand strikes her face) THIS IS A MAN'S WORLD!!!

Ok. I just want to hit someone and scream that. I just think it would be funny. I considered doing that to the cashier at CVS here at school. I had the urge to do it. Dont know why, I just wanted to.

Anyways... back to why I wanted to blog. I was at dinner with Cnel this past Friday. We got into a convo about one of my exes. I had this one ex who I had dated from junior year of high school until the first month of college. I was explaining to him that she likes to date guys with a "story".

What I mean by a story is that their life has to have some sort craziness to it. They had to have a rough childhood. Or they want to a gangster. She grew up in the suburbs and lead a normal life. There were not ghettos, no drugs, no abuse. She had everything she ever wanted. Now she dates guys who I guess fit some sort of fantasy. I do not know what it is.

She used to ask tons of questions. She also would try and copycat whatever I would do. Because I did not have a lot of parental supervision, I could stay out all night. I was fiercely independent. So she would try to pull that with her parents. It just would not fly.

I do not get it. Why would kids from suburbs want to grow up how I grew up? I mean it was rough. There were times I went hungry. We were broke. I lived without electricity. I slept in bus stations and lived with random people. I never had any of the things I wanted and barely got what I needed. I wish I grew up cookie cutter. I wish I lived in the suburbs and had all my need sufficiently taken care. I wish I grew up with a mom and dad. I wish I had grown up with a stable parent. These kids don't realize that those of us from the ghettoes and poor neighborhoods dreamed of having half of what they got.

These kids just do not get it. The life we lived is not cool. There is nothing "hard" to it. There are no awards for growing up poor. Growing up poor is not cool. It really is not. Ladies, it is not interesting. Ity is not fascinating to grow up poor or anything. That hard scrabble life aint cool at all. It really isn't. That shit is for the birds.