Monday, June 27, 2005

Importance of Silence

Very few people understand that silence is beautiful. Many believe that when two people sit in a room silent, it is awkward. That is not the case. I like to sit in a room silently. No sounds or anything. I will ride in the car with my mother, turn the radio off, and not say a word to her at all. It is just relaxing to sit there and say nothing.

Another reason silence is important is because people will talk just because they have the ability to. If you have nothing important to say, then dont say nothing. I am being serious. Don't talk just because you have the ability to. Talk because you have something intelligent to say. If you have nothing important to say, then do humanity a favor and don't say nothing

Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Great Debate

My 13 year old brother Quintin and his best friend Chris were having an argument. They were debating about vegetarianism. Here are some excerpts from their argument.

Chris: " I don't eat meat because I do not want to hurt the animals' feelings."
Quintin: " Forget their feelings. I feel hungry. That is more important."

The funniest part of the conversation I believe
Chris: The chicken and the cows are going extinct. We shouldnt eat meat"
Quintin: " The zoo has meat in it"
What are they teaching these kids in school these days?


I recently submitted a poem to this poetry contest. I found out it was a scam. Im glad they did not ask me for any money. Its not like I had any in the first place.

Sunday, June 12, 2005


I learned something new today. The blogging community is really strong. I did not know there were so many blogs out there. I have been rummaging throughout the Net and have seen so many blogs. There seems to be sooooooooooo many people writing blogs. Many of them are interesting. They are like little glimpses in to the lives of people throughout the world. All I have to say is to those who are blogging, keep on.

Friday, June 10, 2005

I need

I need to write. I need to write. I need to write.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Teen Angst

I was recently reading a friend'sLiveJournal last nite and I made an interesting observation. Her LiveJournal is filled with a lot of teenage angst. She was struggling with her self identity, fitting in, boys, and all the other shit that teenagers go through. While reading this, I realized that I did not got through all these problems. I did not want to fit in with the rich kids at my school so I never even tried. With my small group of fellows, I never had to worry about who I was. I knew I would never understand females so I did not get frustrated with them. I never hated my mother. The fact that the world would end if something small and banal did not happen was never even a thought in my mind. I did not hate my mother. Things may have been rough but that is how life goes sometimes. When other people would talk about this, I would give them weird looks. I guess because I had real problems, like how I was going to eat or will this bill or that bill get paid, so I had to grow up a little quicker. Maybe I just did not have time to have such problems. I dont know, I just dont know.