Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am at a point where I may just pack my shit and flee to Puerto Rico with one of my best friends. I am dead serious. I have lost my job, moved back home. The student loan people are hounding me. Job prospects looking blah. I am just not happy.

A few days ago my best friend Mari hit me up and told me she is moving to Puerto Rico. She is in a similar position I am in. Her job prospects are slim. Life just seems at a standall. She is moving down July 21 and she sent me an invite. Not only has she looked at apartments but she sent me a listing of jobs available down there.

I normally dont make decisions like this. My decisions tend to be well thought out. However, this is alluring. I have no kids, family, or home. No obligations are keeping me here in Baltimore.

Dont be surprised that the next time you hear from me it is from Puerto Rico.