Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have been busting my chops this week. I had 2 interviews Monday, another one yesterday. I have one today and another on Thursday. It is all a part of the grind.

I have also been looking for a little part time job to do on the side. Any extra money would help. Even though the Americorps Program I got accepted in provides a forbearance on my loans, I would like to get started paying on them. Also, I am starting to try and plan for my next move in the future. Part of my mistake I made with my first job out of college (teaching) was that I thought it was secure. I know now that no matter what, no position I am in is guaranteed; even if I do my best. So I have been making moves to try and secure my future.

No matter what happens, I am gonna make it do what it do

Monday, July 06, 2009


Every night I say a prayer. In that prayer I ask God to allow me to wake up with all my faculties. Not so that I see the fruits of my labor, but so that my girlfriend will see the fruits of my labor. I ask God to allow me to do the things I need to do in order to provide a better way for us. This I pray for every night.

And so far, I have woken up with my head on straight. And everyday I work my plan in order to provide for my woman. I work hard and do what I am suppose to do.

I guess I say all of this because tomorrow I go off to meet my gf so we can move her stuff to Baltimore. I am not nervous or anxious. I am at peace. This is because I know I have tried my best to pave a way so that her adjustment is smooth. And that is what she expects from me: to try

PS: Im still Baltimore. I dont think I am fleeing to Puerto Rico. The girlfriend talked me out of it