Sunday, September 20, 2009

Little Update

- I start my new job on October 1st. I am excited. The best birthday gift during a recession: a job! I am going to be working with a non-profit doing a bit of everything. A little workforce enhancement, community development. Whatever they need me to do. So I am definitely ready to start working.

- My birthday is on October 1st. My gf has something planned for me. I do not know what it is but I know it will be good. She also has my gift already. I know where she hid it but I have not looked at it. I do not want to ruin the surprise. I know it will be better than my last birthday where I watched football at a bar on a Wednesday. Its all good.

- I have found a new show I like during my time of unemployment: The View. I actually like the show and I have been watching it avidly. I just like the discussions. My only complaint is that they invited Kate Gosselin on the show to guest host. She just sits there and does not say anything unless its about her

- This leads me to another complaint. I cannot stand Kate Gosselin. How can she be so upset if she mistreated her husband. If you ever saw the show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" you would know she treated Jon like poop. What do you expect? You treat someone badly and eventually they will leave. Its simple science.