Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Work Grind

Missing 4 work days is no fun. I mean I enjoyed my little vacation; don't get me wrong. However, coming back today I felt a little lost. Missing 4 days of work feels like a month. So much happened and I feel like I am just starting to catch up. My staff is teasing me because I have a clean-shaven face. One of them almost did not even recognize me. I had to rush and finish up some items due today. Oh well... thats life I guess.

I am looking forward to Preakness. I really want to go. I cannot believe that being from Baltimore I have never ever been before! I need to get my act together! So I am prepping myself for the infield. I am not going to get stupid wasted like most folks. Baltimore summers are waaaaaaaaaaaay too hot for that kind of foolishness. No heat stroke over here. However, I do want to enjoy myself. Plus, I have never seen a horse race live; just on tv.

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Jameil said...

Oooh! I wanna go to the Preakness, too! One of my homies from HU grew up right down the street!